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Congratulations to all of our winners! Jill W (Commenter #51) will be taking home the grand prize. In our 2nd runner-up category, we would like to congratulate Lisa (#28), Rita M (#22), Tara (#85), & Robin Witte (#4). Thank you so much for entering and please check back for more great giveaways!

Harry Potter fans can rejoice because we are taking part in a very exciting giveaway to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the the first book in the series. To celebrate, the collectible edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone will be released at the end of September in celebration of its 10th Anniversary and to help with the celebrating we are offering the following prizes:

One (1) Grand Prize

*       Complete Box Set Books #1 – #7
*       Copy of the 10th Anniversary Edition of ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’
*       Collectible Harry Potter Gold Pin

Four (4) Runners Up

*       Copy of the 10th Anniversary Edition of ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’
*       Collectible Harry Potter Gold Pin

This beautiful collectible edition has been produced in celebration of the 10th anniversary of HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE. (In Stores September 23rd)  It features the following:

*       New Jacket artwork by Mary GrandPré
*       Additional four-color frontispiece artwork from Mary GrandPré
*       Two pages of special content from J.K. Rowling
*       Full cloth case with gold stamping

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment and tell us what your favorite children’s book is. This contest is open until October 13th at 8PM EST! Good luck everyone!



  1. 701

    Not counting Harry, I love “I’ll Love You Forever”. I always give this as gifts to the new babies in the family.

  2. 702

    I am rediscovering childrens books and am really enjoying ” A Series of Unfortunate Incidences”.

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  5. 705

    Ellen Raskins’ The Westing Game is my constant favorite, followed closely by Winnie-the-Pooh.

  6. 706

    My favorite was “Treasure in an Oatmeal Box.” It was a very heart-filled story and even as a kid it made me cry!

    I must have read it like 16 times or so! :-)

    I definitely recommend it for anyone’s kids (or parents too!).

    Kelly @

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  9. 709

    Right now, our family favorite kids book is Go Dog Go. So cute! THanks for the great giveaway.

  10. 710

    Lets see…favorite books in sets: The Little House On the…”, “Chronicals Of Narnia”, “Jungle Books and Just So Stories”…to hard to narrow down a favorite.

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  13. 713

    When I was young I loved The Little House on the Prairie books, my grandson loves Harry Potter.

  14. 714

    The Boxcar Children Series has always been my favorite children’s books.
    But my sons all time favorite has always been the Harry Potter Series.
    He would so love this set !
    Thank you for always offering such wonderful giveaways.
    I would LOVE to win !!

  15. 715

    My personal favorite was The Saturdays about the fictional Melendy family, written by Elizabeth Enright. I loved all the books in the series and would love to find them again now for nostalgia’s sake.

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  17. 717

    my favorite childrens book was the boxcar children. i grew up in the country and there was an abandoned boxcar by our house. after reading that, my bothers, sister and i would pretend that we were orphans living there. that book fueled our imaginations for years.

  18. 718

    My family all says that the Harry Potter series is the best. I am ready to read them.

  19. 719

    My favorite children’s book is Stella Luna. Who would have thought that somebody could make such a beautiful story about a bat!

  20. 720
  21. 721

    My favorite children’s book is “The Giving Tree”. Of course, it was written for children, but every adult would benefit from reading it.

  22. 722

    If Harry Potter Books count then those are my favorite. But I also have read the underland chronicles and enjoy them. I would be so exited to win these books.

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  26. 726

    My favorite children’s book is The Five Children And It by E. Nesbith. Five British children on a holiday find a Psammead in the sand (a sand-fairy) who grants them a wish each day, which is good until the sun goes down. They learn valuable lessons, like when one little girl wants to be “as beautiful as the day” and has people following her everywhere wanting to be near her all day, never giving her a moment’s peace!

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  29. 729

    My fav children’s book was/is Grimm’s Fairytales.
    I want to win this because my wife and I split up a month ago and would love to give her these great items cause she LOVES Harry Potter and it would be my way of saying,”Hope your life is forever filled with magick!”

  30. 730
  31. 731

    There was a book called Happy Bunny about PJ Funnybunny that I always loved as a child.

  32. 732

    My favorite children’s book would have to be the Harry potter set, this set got all my kids reading, even the one with severe dyslexia, and no I can’t pick just one because my kids all like different ones and I like them all.
    Thanks for the chance to win them!

  33. 733

    my favorite book growing up was a book called
    The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles by Julie Andrews
    I got it for my 8th birthday +
    it fired my imagination beyond the ordinary!

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  36. 736

    Maurice Sendak’s ‘where the wild things are’. i truly hope the movie is not released, i understand it’s been in post-production for years. don’t sully this classic with a crappy adaptation.

  37. 737
  38. 738

    i really loved artemis fowl. and there was this book called the wanderer. it was a little sad but good

  39. 739
  40. 740

    I love the Harry Potter Books! My favorite all time children’s book is the Lorax by Dr. Seuss about conservation. Thanks!

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  45. 745

    I still love Lazy Tommy Pumpkinhead! I don’t know of a single child who doesn’t like it.

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  47. 747

    My favorites as a child were the B is for Betsy books by Carolyn Haywood, to read to my own kids it was The Pokey Little Puppy and Tillie and Mert.

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