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Sorry- this giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to commenter #18 (Maria Scott), #35 (Hallie Ann), & #26 (Beth) on winning this giveaway. Our winners will be notified by email and prize packs will be shipped to you by Hachette Book Group USA. Thank you all for entering!!

Oh, can I just say that I feel like Santa when I get to post these giveaways? This prize pack is amazing and is being offered by Hachette Book Group USA.

I am offering THREE lucky readers a book prize pack of TEN books, in honor of the back-to-school season! You can broaden your literary prowess while the kids are off to school, or even be able to give some really amazing Christmas gifts to your friends this year!

Here are the books that are included in each of the three prize packs.

1. Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World

By Vicky Myron , Bret Witter ISBN: 0446407410 $19.99 Audio book, eBook, large print also available

2. The Book of Calamities: Five Questions About Suffering and Its Meaning

By Peter Trachtenberg ISBN: 0316158798, $23.99 eBook also available

3. Say You’re One of Them
By Uwem Akpan ISBN: 0316113786 $23.99 Audio Book, eBook available

4. Bo’s Lasting Lessons: The Legendary Coach Teaches the Timeless Fundamentals of Leadership
By Bo Schembechler , John Bacon $13.99 ISBN: 044658200X Audio book, ebook also available

5. Knowing Right from Wrong: A Christian Guide to Conscience
By Fr. Thomas D. Williams $19.99 ISBN: 0446582018 eBook also available

6. Titanic’s Last Secrets: The Further Adventures of Shadow Divers John Chatterton and Richie Kohler
By Brad Matsen $27.99 ISBN: 0446582050 Audio book, ebook also available

7. A Whack on the Side of the Head: How You Can Be More Creative
By Roger von Oech (25th Anniversary) $16.99 ISBN: 0446404667

8. Ethics 101: What Every Leader Needs To Know
By John Maxwell $9.95 ISBN: 0446578096 Audio book, Audio book, ebook also available

9. The Self-Esteem Trap: Raising Confident and Compassionate Kids in an Age of Self-Importance
By Polly Young-Eisendrath $25.99 ISBN: 0316013110 Audio book, ebook also available

10. Roads to Quoz: An American Mosey
By William Least Heat-Moon $27.99 ISBN: 0316110256 Audio book, ebook, large print also available

To enter, please tell me one of your favorite books- it can be a recent read or it can be a timeless classic that you truly love. This contest will run until Tuesday (09/09) at 8 PM EST. Sorry, this contest is open only to the US & Canada and no PO Box addresses please! Good luck, everyone!



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    The Junie B. series are great fun for my granddaughter. At first I read them to her, and now she reads them to me.

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    My alltime favorite book was when I was little.
    The Boxcar Children. It was a book that I could pretend that I was living just like the characters in the book. A very good book for young kids to read. Great for the imagination.

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    I’ve always loved The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams. The humor in the entire series is genius.

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    It’s hard to pick just one book….. but I would have to say the book 1984. I just think this book really makes you think of what could possible happen in the future. Plus, it’s makes you thankful for the actual freedoms that we do have.

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