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My entire family is plagued with extremely sensitive skin. I have to be very careful about switching detergents, using new lotions, and even just a change in skin cleansers can send us all into an uncomfortable case of the hives. For this reason, I am very particular about the products that we use and I try to be careful for myself and for my family.

I have been a longtime fan of the Cetaphil products for just this reason. These products are recommended for people like myself and they are gentle enough that they can be used on your children. I use the cleansers and creams daily for my dry & sensitive skin and the work like a charm.

I did not realize how many products the Cetaphil line offers, but they offer a wide assortment of lotions, cleansers, and bar soaps to help care for your delicate skin.

I would highly recommend using these for your family, particularly if skin issues are a battle in your house. I have found really great prices at our local Sam’s Club on buying these products in bulk, which has helped to make them more affordable for our family’s personal care needs.

Website for More Details: Cetaphil



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