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If you’re like us, you take your Wii Sports seriously. I mean, who hasn’t torn ligaments while blasting balls out of the park in the Home Run Derby?

Well, now that you’ve finished your rounds of physical therapy and recovered you’re looking for a little more baseball. Enter MLB Power Pros 2008. This game is the hands down answer for anyone in your family who likes a good sports game.

There are two big factors that drew us to the game. First and foremost, this game costs $10 less than most other Wii games. Second, what you get for your money is definitely not a game your kids (or you, as you secretly play after they go to bed) will conquer in a weekend.

There is so much in this game I’m shocked it can be had for so cheap. First off, it’s not some super-realistic simulation that requires the skill of a professional athlete just to make it through an inning. It’s not even realistic looking. Though you can play as any of your real-life baseball heroes, they’re all created in a friendly cartoon style. This makes the game more approachable for all ages and puts the emphasis on fun.

Speaking of being more approachable, that’s what makes this appealing for anyone in your household. The controls are not as obvious as those in Wii Sports, but they are still easy to learn and much less likely to put yourself in the hospital with a dislocated shoulder. On top of that, there’s an assortment of ways you can let the game assist you. You can even have the game do all your pitching, batting, or fielding for you if you find these too difficult or tedious. This makes it a way to allow players of different ages and skill levels to play together.

There’s so much you can do in this game it will make even the veteran gamers in your family drop their jaws. Sure you can play a simple baseball game, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can manage your favorite pro baseball team and try in vain to get your beloved Cubs to win a World Series. Even more in-depth is a feature where you create your own player and guide him day-by-day through a 20-year career from college to retirement in the major. That’s right, 20 years. Sure your virtual self has to play a game once in a while, but on his days off you’ll have to balance training, friendships, career goals, finances, and even a girlfriend if you want! Your kids will have to make some real-life choices, which is an interesting twist on what could have been yet another mindless game.

All in all this is one game that I would highly recommend for anyone who remotely enjoys sports on the Wii. One word of warning, this game has a home run derby as well. It is addictive and things will get ugly. Make sure you have health insurance before the men in the family battle to the death!

Want an even better bargain? You can get the original MLB Power Pros game for less than 20 bucks.

Suggested Retail Price: $38.99 (available at Amazon)

Website For More Details: Nintendo

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