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This giveaway is now closed! Thank you to everyone who entered and a big congratulations to commenter #295 on winning!

My family loves Laurie Berckner. My six year old loves to sing her songs with me. We love “I’m gonna drive my car”. She has some great fun songs. I love that the whole family can sing along to these songs.

Posted by Christie Henderson

I am so excited to be offering the next giveaway on our site. All I can say is, what kid does not love The Laurie Berkner Band? My children are huge fans and my husband & I love her music too. That is why I am excited to be offering our next giveaway to our readers.

This Laurie Berkner Soundcheck prize pack courtesy of Unilever features:

- The Laurie Berkner Band’s new CD Rocketship Run

- We Are…The Laurie Berkner Band DVD

- Suave products

To enter this contest, please leave a comment and tell us what children’s music is a hit in your house. Our winner will be chosen at random. Please leave your comments by 08/19 (Tuesday) at 8 PM Eastern Time.

Below is a sneak peek of what this prize pack has in store. Enjoy & good luck, everyone!



  1. 251

    My daughter doesn’t have any favorites yet. We have several CDs in the car and there are certain songs that she seems to like better than others. But this looks like a lot of fun from the video clip.

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  4. 254

    My little one is so little that she does not yet have a favorite song but my toddlers (I teach) LOVE “we are the dinosaurs” They love to stomp all over the room and be big scary dinos!

  5. 255

    My boys LOVE anything Boz -related. And my oldest loves watching Little Einsteins and picking out the different instruments.

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  7. 257

    We have gotten out of music cd’s and listen to a lot of books on tape and so I had not heard of Laurie Berkner until now and I love her! It would definitely be a fun change.

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  9. 259

    We are huge fans of Laurie Berkner Band!!! We mainly listen to the Laurie Berkner Band, although we do mix it up with some Disney music every now and again!

  10. 260

    Our favorites are “Little Bird” by Elizabeth Mitchell and “Here come the ABC’s” by It Might Be Giants. Both are fun for parents and kids.

  11. 261

    My daughter loves Laurie Berkner. Her song Boots is her favorite to the point that I picked up a pair of green frod boots for her to have on her birthday. Hoping to be able to pick up the CD by then for her too. She also likes the Bee song I think it is called Buzz Buzz.

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  15. 265

    The Laurie Berkner Band is a huge hit at our house. We also like Jack Johnson’s Curious George Soundtrack. Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. 266

    My grandbabies LOVE Laurie’s music. They go marching around the house imitating her and singing her songs, and their mom plays her cd when they get tired and restless while riding in the car.

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  19. 269

    My kids love Laurie!!! We also love TMBG, Imaginatioin Movers and the Barenaked Ladies just put out a kids album called “Snacktime” loving it!!

  20. 270

    We like Veggietales, The Backyardigans, Dora, anything on Jack’s Big Music Show. Really anything we can dance to. My daughter learned to dance watching Happy Feet, so you can imagine the smile I get watching her!

  21. 271
  22. 272

    My 2 yr old loves any kind of music. He loves to watch Jack’s big music show. My 12 yr old likes R&B, Rock, and almost anything. My 16yr old like rock and is in the school band.

  23. 273
  24. 274

    Our favorites right now are VeggieTales and Backyardigans…my kids know pretty much all of their songs. They do like to dance to the commercials for Laurie Berkner Band CDs, too!!

  25. 275

    Our kids are really into Hannah Montana and Demi Lavato and the Jonas Bros. The younger
    one enjoys Laurie Berkner and the Wiggles and
    any Nick Jr. character CD’s.

  26. 276

    My daughter loves Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus listens to radio disney. My son loves Veggie Tales Belly button uh uh….

  27. 277

    My son likes Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers. He also likes High School Musical. There is always some type of music playing at our house.

  28. 278

    We love The Wiggles and Ralph’s World in this house. We love Laurie too but don’t have any of her cd’s or dvd’s so this would be so exciting!

  29. 279

    My girls love Bob and Larry, and also Chris Tomlin. It’s all we ever have on in the van. They also like to dance to The Beatles red album. Fun!

  30. 280

    My daughter Vivian loves Laurie Berkner, she loves it when I sing alone to “Under A Shady Tree” and do hand movements, she claps for more!

  31. 281

    My 2 year old loves Hi-5 and Justin Roberts “Meltdown” CD. Would love to win this prize pack too!!!

  32. 282
  33. 283

    As an older Mom (I’m 47 and my daughter is 4) and a former Pre-K teacher, I have always loved the music of preschoolers. When my daughter was adopted, I discovered Laurie and my daughter absolutely loves her. I love the sing along sessions we have in the car and the dancing we do at home. She and her band really connect with the kids and tell stories that are fun, imaginative and educational. Mahalo (thank you in Hawaiian, courtesy of Laurie)

  34. 284

    We have listened to Laurie for years. I like her just as much as the kids. She has fun lyrics and make you think. I would love to have her DVD. Pick me! Pick me!

  35. 285

    My little girl loves the LB Band :) She bops up and down everytime she hears great music…boy, would this be a treat for her!!

  36. 286

    We are big fans of Laurie. We just saw her in a concert last month! It’s great how Laurie’s music reaches the whole family. Kids and parents know all the words and were all singing in the car together!

  37. 287
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    my 2 year old daughter LOVES laurie berkner. we have a bunch of her cds and she walks around singing her songs all the time. We also take music class at “the music class” here in Atlanta, and she loves listening to their cds as well. Raffi rounds up being another fav in this hous.

  39. 289

    We love Laurie Berkner! My twin boys have memorized the moon song and we listen to her music often. I would love to win this for them!

  40. 290
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  42. 292

    my daughter loves pretty much ALL music, but right now she is singing along most often with cedarmont kids ‘toddler tunes’. i would love to win this in order to expand her collection! thanks for the chance!

  43. 293

    We love “Go Fish”! But every once in a while my 7 year old will request Hannah Montana or the Jonas Bros!

  44. 294
  45. 295

    My family loves Laurie Berckner. My six year old loves to sing her songs with me. We love “I’m gonna drive my car”. She has some great fun songs. I love that the whole family can sing along to these songs.

  46. 296
  47. 297

    Our daughter got my husband and I hooked on Laurie! We listen to her in the car and sing with the windows down. It’s great!

  48. 298

    My older daughter likes Hannah Montana, but my infant twins are sure to like this CD as they grow up, if given the chance. :)

  49. 299
  50. 300

    My kids favorite music to listen to is Laurie Berkner. I have to say I love her music too. It is nice to listen to something different then the traditional kids songs. I think her lyrics are hysterical.