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I am a HUGE Tori Spelling fan, which is why I am so extremely thrilled to be able to give one of our lucky readers an autographed copy of her new play date planner for moms and a slew of Mott’s for Tots goodies.

Tori Spelling loves being a hands-on mom who loves to create fun and creative play dates for her little ones. Tori has partnered with Mott’s for Tots in order to create a downloadable play date planner for all moms! The planner is free and available on the Mott’s website so even if you don’t win this contest, you can head over there and print it out along with a coupon for savings on Mott’s products.

One Lucky Winner Will Receive:

An autographed copy of Tori Spelling’s Mott’s for Tots Play Date Planner and a generous supply of Mott’s for Tots product for their little ones.

To enter this contest please leave a comment by Tuesday (08/12) at 8 PM (eastern time) and share one creative activity or craft that you enjoy doing with your children. The thriftier and more creative, the better. I will pick my favorite idea and then announce our winner on Wednesday (08/13). Good luck everyone!



  1. 1

    this is so awesome! i love, love, love it!

    one craft i have done with my daughter that we both loved is picture magnets. we went through pictures of all of our friends and family and she picked out her favorite picture of all of her aunts uncles, grandparents, little friends, etc.
    i purchased a sheet of adhesive-magnetic paper. we put the pictures on the sticky side of the paper and cut the paper to fit the picture. match we put each person on her magnetic/chalkboard wall. she loves to name all of the familiar faces and talk about her family!
    (and of course i kept safety in mind with a 2 year old and scissors :)

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  3. 2

    One of my favorite things to do with my daughter is play dress-up. She has a chest full of clothes – old Halloween costumes, feather boas, full princess regalia, you name it!

    I let her pick a character and come up with silly stories based on her imagination. She’s only 2, so it gets pretty wild!

  4. 3

    What a fun giveaway!

    One craft my son really enjoys (and I do too) is making butterflies out of coffee filters. You need water, food coloring, an eye dropper, clothespins and coffee filters for this project. First you mix water and food coloring in several small bowls (one per color). Next, fill the eye dropper with the colored water and “drop” it onto the coffee filter. Repeat with other colors until you get your desired effect. Let the filters dry and then clamp them in the middle to create a butterfly. It’s a fun project and not too messy.

  5. 4

    I totally love Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s show on Oxygen!! I may be borderline obsessed….but anyway, my son and I often play make believe. We have played “zoo” by creating a mock zoo with furniture barriers for the animals homes (we use his stuffed animals.) We often have to play Santa, where my son pulls out his little chair and piles toys behind him. He HO HO HO’s and asks “what do you want little girl?” in a full blown Santa voice. Of course, Mommy has to make sure she asks for one of the toys shoved under his chair! We also like to finger paint and build houses with playdough and Lincoln Logs.

  6. 5

    My daughter is only 16 months, so there are lots of crafty ideas I have bookmarked for when she gets a bit older.

    One craft we like to do right now, though, is letting her loose with finger paints and/or crayons and markers…I tape off a large section with wrapping paper (you know, the odds and ends that aren’t quite right for wrapping gifts anymore?) over our laminate floor in the entryway and sit my daughter in the middle of it with a stash of paint/crayons/markers and watch her create a masterpiece!

  7. 6

    My little guy and I like to use his handprints, footprints, fingerprints, to create animals and other designs.

  8. 7

    My daughter is 13 months old and I wanted to let her finger paint but didn’t want to risk her eating the paints (because we know everything goes in the mouth!). One day I saw the frozen cubes of baby food in the freezer (I got a little overzealous making my last batch) that she no longer is interested in eating because she wants to eat everything I eat. I thawed a few of the most colorful: carrots, peas, red peppers and put her down on a big pad of paper in her diaper and let her “paint”. She had great fun and I didn’t mind if the “paint” went in her mouth!

  9. 8

    My kids love to pretend we are camping in the living room. We move all the furniture around and drape blankets across them, so its like being in a tent. Then we grab a flashlight and turn out all the lights and tell ghost stories. The kids giggle incesantly for hours and its FREE! We sometimes even make smores in the microwave before we get started!

  10. 9

    One activity that we like to do with the kids is to take a hike through the woods around our local pond. We give the kids pails to take with us, and they collect leaves in different colors, along with cool rocks and pine cones. When we get home, we take all of the different leaves they have found and glue them onto paper as our craft. Between the hike and the craft, it takes up the whole afternoon, and the onyl money spent was for a sheet of paper and some glue!

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  12. 11

    One of our favorite activities was very inesxpensive to setup. We bought a plastic tub, a couple of bags of different beans and a box of elbow macaroni. With measuring spoons, cups, etc we already had in the house we “cook” for hours sometimes and cleanup is a snap!

  13. 12

    i am so excited by this. my best friend is the biggest tori spelling fan and i would love to be able to give this to her. i have 2 activity’s that my and my daughter love to do. she loves to paint and i am to nervous that she will also eat the paint and stain her clothes so we get whip cream and add a little food coloring or cool aid for color and she will finger paint with that. that way she can eat it and i don’t have to worry. we also get a big container and fill it with rice. she loves to pore it into cups and bowls. we get the rice cheaper at Aldi and we like it better than a sandbox because she doesn’t get sand in her shoes and she cant get it in her eyes.

  14. 13

    One of our favorite activities this summer as a family has been playing volleyball. The kids have really learned a lot about teamwork this summer and we have had many hours of quality family time together! We’ve learned to create some creative moves since we have little ones and big ones playing so our crafty projects have actually been physical fitness moves and who can come up with the craziets way to hit the ball over the net! We have had many laughs this summer which has made it the most enjoyable summer I have had in a long time! I am glad we have been forced to stay home this summer- we have learned a lot as a family

  15. 14

    its plain and simple….but coloring is still #1 in my book.

    I love Tori too! Can’t wait for the new show :)

  16. 15

    We just recently moved from town to my husband’s parents farm and our newest fave activity is to just be outside and see the animals and crops and all of the outside things that we haven’t had until now!! My two year old LOVES it!

  17. 16

    i love the tori and dean show i heard she is going to be on the new 90210!

    we love to paint and do mommy school that i blog about and we love to play outside in our river pebble sensory tub!

  18. 17

    My son likes to make playdough using kool-aid flavors as the coloring. I saw this on Momsadvice. We also took a 3 ring binder and slipped coloring sheets into plastic slips. He can color on them with dry erase markers and wipe them clean. This works great when we go out for dinner.

  19. 18

    I know this is simple, but when you have a 7 month old and have to get out of the house it works. We go to the library. She loves holding the books as I look for new books. And her favorite thing is to people watch. So anywhere where there will be people for her to look at is good.

  20. 19

    We fill up the small backyard pool and fill it with bath tub toys. My daughter and all her kiddy friends come over and they have a blast.

  21. 20

    I have 2 girls – 4 and 2. One thing we love to do is play cook. I pull out flour and water and they start pretending to make dinner. I do keep lots of cookie sprinkles on hand and they add those in for fun. Another ingredient we use is powdered drink mixes – they add colors quick and with very little added. It can be a big mess, but they love doing it and I know everything isn’t harmful and be cleaned up pretty easily.

  22. 21

    For my toddler, we used colored tape and made shapes on the carpet. A red square, a blue triangle… We jump from the triangle to the square. Then swim to the rectangle. Or tiptoe to the yellow star. It burns a little energy and helps us learn shapes and colors!

  23. 22

    One of my son’s favorite activities is playing with water. It can be in the sink, or a bowl on the floor, or whatever. Just add a couple cups and spoons and he’s happy.

  24. 23

    One of my DD’s favorite crafts is to finger paint. We use the Color Wonder product and she loves seeing the colors appear. Another activity/craft we did was to get extra copies of photos of her family and make a collage out of them…she loves looking at her grandparents and cousins and pointing to them.

  25. 24

    I love doing bible crafts with my kids. We made some for Christmas gifts to relatives one year. I bought a book one time that has some great bible crafts in it that I really enjoy. Thanks!
    God bless!

  26. 25

    My two older kids (7 and 5) love to “paint” the hall wall with shaving cream. They have a blast drawing in the shaving cream and it cleans the wall some too.

  27. 26

    My little guy loves to finger paint. He makes all of our birthday cards for family and friends with his creations. We also use his creations for wrapping paper–fun for him and fun for those who receive their present’s wrapped in his very cool and unique paper :)
    The other favorite is water painting on the drive way. All it takes is a brush, a bucket and water. The best part, if he splashes or spills, which always happens, its just water.

  28. 27

    I haven’t completed this craft yet, but I have printed out the photos. My son and I are going to create a Birthday Banner for his second birthday. There will be 12 photos of him, one for each month since his last birthday. We’ll glue the photos to pieces of scrapbook paper and then hang them all on a piece of yarn. The banner will be displayed at his 2nd birthday party.

  29. 28

    My daughter is 15 months old, and loves to be in front of the mirror. I love to make head bands with big flowers on them, and she loves to model them in front of the mirror, another craft we have been doing is making painted hand print christmas ornaments, and decorations. Its amazing how fast childrens hands grow, and it is nice to be able to look back and see just how tiny there hands were.

  30. 29

    i just love this site…
    one of our favorite things to do is make puppets. we take socks or lunch bags and pull out all the crafts. the kids have a blast making them. and then we do a puppet show. when the kids friends come over they beg to do this. they all have so much fun and the adults love to watch when the kids come up with….

  31. 30

    Well, last winter my little boy was still too small to play outside in the snow, but I wanted my daughter to get to enjoy it, so I put a shower curtain down on the floor, brought a big bowl of snow inside and let them sit on the floor and play in it.

  32. 31

    When I get photos developed I get doubles of the kids photos. I then give them the copies of themselves. I get out the scrapbook supplies and while I work on my book, they get to make their own book using the photos I have given them. They like seeing their own pages and they can put whatever they want around their photos.

  33. 32

    One of our favorite crafts is thumbprint stamping. My son stamps his thumbprint on cards or wrapping paper and then I turn it into little animals. He loves seeing what his thumbprint will turn into and everyone loves their homemade items.

  34. 33

    We do a lot of painting pictures for grandparents (as they all live out of town). I take old manilla folders that people are set to throw away at work and make cards/refigerator art out of them (by just cutting away the bent or curled edges). We then paint pictures using body parts like hands, feet, fingers, etc. It makes the grandparents feel a little closer to my kids and reuses something that might normally be thrown into the trash !

  35. 34

    Library storytime (just for 2-3 year olds)would be our favorite activity together! My 2 yr. old son loves to listen to songs and act out rhymes.

  36. 35

    One evening after dinner, I told my husband that I had a chore for us to do as a family. He rolled his eyes (thought I didn’t see it) as he so often does when I mention chores. It will be fun, I promised, and dragged him and our almost 2-year-old son to the driveway with a bucket, some rags and a bottle of soap.

    We proceeded to wash my car, and we had a blast. My son loved playing in the water, and he actually did a pretty good job getting the lower parts of the car clean. We had fun spraying each other with the water hose; we were all soaked by the time we were finished. And I’ve never seem my husband clean with some vigor. (Who knew the man liked to scrub tires?)

    This was a great way for our family to spend an evening together outside. We had fun and we saved money. Before then, I’d been driving to the carwash or paying someone else to wash my car. Now — as long as we don’t have water restrictions in our area — we’ll be doing the car washing ourselves.

  37. 36

    My daughter and I love looking through magazines and cutting out things we love. We decorate part of her wall with them and then switch them out with new ones when we get new magazines.

  38. 37

    I love Tori and Dean’s show as well. I have three children ages 8,7 and 10 months and we (children help)love to mix equal parts of corn starch and water, add food coloring and let the kids paint outside on the driveway and sidewalks. It dries like sidewalk chalk and washes off with water. Great fun for all!!!

  39. 38

    I have an in home daycare, where I care for 12 children. Throughout the year I videotape them doing everyday things. At Christmas I make copies for all the parents, while the kids decorate the dvd covers.

  40. 39

    my son’s favorite time of year is fall. We go out and collect nature items like leaves,pine cones and rocks or old bird nests;whatever takes his fancy then we bring them in and put a huge piece of paper or cardboard on the wall and use our nature items,markers,crayons,paint stickers old gum wrappers whatever we have and we make abig picture out of our goodies.he gets very creative and we have a really fun time deciding what our picture will be.

  41. 40

    My daughter loves to bake with me. But sometimes I’d rather not have her hands in the middle of my baking… like today for a fancy bday cake! So one of her favorite things for us to do in the kitchen is to make a batch of tortilla dough (1 c. flour/1/2 c. water/ 1/4 tsp salt). We measure and mix it up together, and then I give her a baking mat to roll, squish, and knead on. She also gets a little bowl of sprinkles to decorate her tortilla. She spends some good time using her cookie cutters and decorating, and then finally we make little balls, roll them flat and cook them on the griddle. The tasty end of our tortilla time is topping them with a little butter and cinnamon/sugar. Sweet!

  42. 41

    What a great prize,and contest I love reading all the ideas and I can’t wait to see who wins! My daughter hates being forbidden from entering the kitchen when I am mopping but I have found a way to make it fun for her (and I should know because I did the same thing when I was a kid when my mom mopped and I loved it!).

    I take all the kitchen chairs into the living room and start with them in a line, then we get her stuffed animals and she gets in the front chair and “drives” them around, when she gets board of this she turns it into a boat, or a fort, or whatever she wants, it’s a great imagination building game that we can play together or she can play alone!

  43. 42

    I’m not very crafty, but my son loves sidewalk chalk. His favorite thing is to sit in different positions and have me trace his body. We end up with some interesting shapes!

  44. 43

    First and most important, I am a HUGE Tori fan. I watched all the 90210 episodes (and still watch the reruns) and watch her new show as well “Tori and Dean Inn Love.” Anyway,while I do not have children of my own…I have TONS of neices and nephews and am always looking for a new way to entertain and engage. My favorite activity to do with the little ones is to play Iron Chef. I give the little tykes the same ingredients and let them create their own dish (of course I do any chopping necessary as per their instructions) and at the end one of them gets to be the judge of the best dish. They take turns being the judge each week. They love this activity and it allows them to express themselves while having fun. Plus it allows them to create something they can truly appreciate…a snack!