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I am such a huge fan of Method products and was thrilled when the company offered to introduce me to their new baby line of products.  The product line includes everything from head to toe that you would need to get your baby squeaky clean- baby shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bubble bath, lotion, and diaper cream. They claim to have never even tested a single product on any rubber duckies. Now how many products out there could even make that claim?

I absolutely love these products. The scents are light and fresh and don’t overwhelm your senses with heavy perfumed scents. My children also have extremely sensitive skin and need to use mild products so I was thrilled when I found that these products were sensitive enough that they could even use their bubble bath (something that I rarely try with other brands).

My favorite product of all though was the diaper cream. This cream is not super thick and just provides a nice light barrier for baby. It helped clear up my daughter’s diaper rash and I liked that the ingredients within the product were names of things I recognized and would actually use, rather than a science lab of ingredients that I had never heard of.

I am so impressed with the baby line from Method and hope that you can give these products a try for your family!

Website for More Details: Method

Suggested Retail Price: Price varies $7 and up



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