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I really love my Nintendo DS, but I haven’t found a game yet that really appealed to me. Lucky for me, the new Guitar Hero for the DS was sent to us to try out and I think I have finally found a game that makes me want to sit down and play..instead of doing all this mom stuff. The challenge is prying it from my husband’s hot little hands because he has been walking around our house like a Rock God. You could say that the game is a bit addictive, even for us old folks!

The game comes with a few songs on it and, through the power of your mad guitar skills, you can build up your song library with songs from a variety of genres like pop, classic rock, and alternative. The game comes with a little guitar pick that you use to play your songs (which is conveniently stored inside) and the multi-colored guitar pad to play along with the band.

This is a great game because it can be played by anyone in the family. The game is intended for children who are ten years and older, but adults will love rocking it out to favorite songs from their youth. The game is challenging enough that it adds lots of variety to your Guitar Hero experience and you can play it using headphones, so as to not annoy the rest of the people in your family.

Want a tutorial on rocking it out? This video should really help you out!

Website for More Details: Nintendo

Suggested Retail Price: $49.99



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