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This is probably the only time that I wished that my son was NOT wearing a uniform to school. Veri Meri makes the greatest children’s t-shirts that would be perfect for your child’s first day back to school. The t-shirts have all been designed by children and are for children. With great saying like, “Kindergarten Rocks!” and “Be Buddies Not Bullies” and the really cute “Cheese!” shirt, they would be really cool to put onĀ  your children for their first day back to school or even for picture day.

We have been trying to get our son pumped about his first day in kindergarten and I was so excited when his “Kindergarten Rocks!” t-shirt came. He wore it proudly while shopping for his school supplies and we got tons of compliments and fun conversations with people who loved his shirt. It gave other people a chance to share in our excitement and he looks super cute in it.

I would highly recommend these t-shirts! Don’t like their designs? You can also design one of your own with your children!
Thanks to Veri Meri for giving us an opportunity to sample their products.

Suggested Retail Price: $24

Website for More Details: Veri Meri



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