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Playskool can now be found at your local CVS or you can order their products through the CVS website. The company sent us a package of their Playskool Toss or Wash Sippy Cups and a package of their Baby Wipes to try out.

I am a big fan of the Toss or Wash cups because they are so darn inexpensive. If I leave one of these cups,  I feel a little less sick about losing it because they didn’t cost us very much money. We also use the cups for carrying around our cereal or crackers for snack times. You just can’t beat the convenience and price!

I was not a big fan of the Playskool cups because they leaked like crazy. If I invert the cup, the drinks pour out of it, unlike other brands of toss or wash cups that I have bought. There doesn’t seem to be any blocking of the liquids coming out and the holes on it are large so we have had lots of messes with these. I would only recommend these cups if you have an experienced cup-user on your hands or if you don’t care about a littles spilled milk.

I did really like the Playskool wipes though and would compare them to my experience with Huggies Wipes (which are my ultimate favorite). They stay nice and moist from the first wipe to the last and they are very soft and are generous in size. The scented ones were a little strong for us, but they make an unscented variety that I would definitely buy again.

Thanks to the Playskool company for sending their products to us to try!

Suggested Retail Price: $4.99 for six Toss or Wash Sippy Cups, $3.29 for eighty Cottony Cloths

Website for More Details: CVS

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    I swear by these playskool cups and minky blankets from Go Mama Go Designs. On our first vacation we took an eight hour car drive with my two year old daughter. These two products saved us! My daughter was so excited about getting her juice in these brightly colored cups and they made the drive more pleasant. Her minky blanket from Go Mama Go Designs also helped, it was her favorite blanket because it was so soft and comfy and had this posh girly design on it. Both of these products are extremely affordable for our babies and I just love them both.


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