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You guys had some really inventive ideas for packing a lunch box so it made it so difficult to choose! Please be sure to read all of the entries to help inspire you this year.

The top three entries that I did choose were these following comments:

6. In my family, September = Apple Picking! A few days before school starts, we go to the local orchard and load up on apples. Every day in September, my kids will find some kind of apple in their lunchboxes: apple slices with caramel dip or peanut butter; an apple sandwich (peanut butter between two big slices of apple); a serving of homemade applesauce; a piece of homemade apple cake; or just a plain old apple! It is a healthy and fun tradition, and it gets them excited about going back to school.

Anne Marie

40. For treats, I like to mimic the Two Bite Brownies that Sam’s Club sells by making my own brownies (Betty Crocker recipe) and either cutting them into bite-sized pieces or baking them in mini muffin pans. I also like to put a graham cracker, a few mini marshmallows and some small bit of chocolate (bite-sized candy bar, chocolate chips – whatever I have) into a zip bag so they can make s’mores. Even though they can’t melt the marshmallows, they still really like it. One of the main dish items that I make is pizza kabobs. I saw this idea at a kid’s cooking class at Whole Foods. I thread turkey pepperoni and mozzarella cubes or balls on toothpicks, and then include a container of marinara sauce to dip them in. Yummy! It’s kind of fun to go with a kabob theme: pizza kabobs and fruit kabobs, for instance. I look forward to seeing all the other ideas! I constantly ask my kids if they have seen anything in anyone else’s lunch that looks good. :)I love coming up with new ideas to surprise them with.


21.Apple cupcakes; slice an apple in half, remove the core, and top with peanut butter or cream cheese “frosting.” Then you top with nuts, seeds, raisins, etc. for “sprinkles.” We love them!


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