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The Wiggles have come out with a new DVD that you can add to your Wiggles collection. The new DVD is called, “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing,” and is… you guessed it! Full of dance music! This DVD will be released to the public on July 29th.

The music is inspired by a variety of time periods and has lots of kid’s favorites (Dr. Knickerbocker, Old Dan Tucker) and dance music that the parents might be able to appreciate (You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, La Bamba, Day-o) which is a great balance between the two. This is not your typical Wiggles-fare and the Wiggles even get into costumes and have cartoon type sets for each of the songs. There are twenty new songs on this DVD, which will be included in their next tour(with the new-to-me Sam Wiggle).

What do my kids think though? Well, my children aren’t very big Wiggles fans and haven’t watched this show in a long time, but they absolutely love this DVD of dance music. They both dance and sing along to all of the songs and it has given us a chance to show them some of the original songs on You Tube (original=Muppets versions) which has been really great for all of us.

Suggested Retail Price- Listed on Amazon for $8.99

Website for More Details- The Wiggles



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    My son has seen pieces of this new video on “Wiggle and Learn” on Treehouse. He saw it once and hopes Old Dan Tucker and Dr. Nickerbocker Number 9 is on every night. I ordered the DVD off of Amazon after looking for it in many stores with no luck.


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