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We received some samples of kid’s clothing from the Gimos Kidswear line. Let me tell you, these clothes are seriously cute and extremely well-made. Fans of Gymboree would find the quality comparable and their clothing lines just as cute and addictive.

In my opinion, you can find cute girl stuff just about anywhere, but I really struggle to find cute clothing for boys.  And cute clothing for boys that appeals to their hobbies and interests? Extremely rare to find!

You want amazingly cool shirts with dinosaurs or creepy crawlies on them? This kid’s line has it. This Eoraptor shirt even has a reptile texture to the dinosaur, making it even cooler in my son’s book! They carry a variety of shirts that would make any boy smile- ants, lizards, sharks, dinos! Oh my! The possibilities for creepy things are endless.

The girl’s stuff is beautiful too, but moms of boys know how difficult it is to find cute boy stuff that doesn’t sacrifice on style or quality. The prices are mid-range, but would would make a great birthday gift for any little one!

Suggested Retail Price- $22 for super cool dino shirts

Website for More Details- Gimos Kidswear

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