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Our family got a Wii this past fall, when we found a stellar deal on one on Craigslist, and we gave it to ourselves as a family Christmas gift. Since then we have been Wii fanatics and have been enjoying and sharing this game system with our family and friends. We love toting it around with us to take to family functions and seeing our family (old and young alike) enjoying a little Wii time with us.

All of the games that we have gotten have been great, but the Mario Kart Wii game has been in hot rotation ever since the Nintendo company contacted us and asked if they could send us some products to try. It is so bad right now that we are fighting over who can get a turn to play it and my son is talking about this game to anyone who will listen… and I do mean anyone!

This game comes with a steering wheel that has a spot in it for you to snap in your Wii controller. Once you have snapped the controller into place, you can begin using it just as you would a steering wheel and you can use different characters, cars, and racetracks for racing.

I am not big on driving games (probably because I hate driving), but I am LOVING this game and it has different levels of difficulty for every level or age in the family. You can play as a single player, against other players, and you can even play on the internet against people from all over the world. From a learning standpoint, this game even shows you where on the globe your opponent lives, adding another great teaching moment for kids.

I can’t rave about this game enough! The game has enough secret codes and levels that I am sure we will be enjoying this game for a long time and it is a game that we each enjoy equally.

Nintendo loves to hear about your family experiences with their Wii system so they have now made a little site where you can share your own family story. Just visit the My Wii Story website and share how this product has helped your family!

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