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LeapFrog has come out with a new product to add to their product line… the LeapFrog TAG Reading System. This system is intended for children between the ages of four and eight, and is made to help your child learn to read. Unlike their previous systems though, the TAG reader is not a bulky system, but instead a simple electronic pen that reads the books that go along with this system.

The reader works through a small and sophisticated infared camera at the tip of the reader and “reads” the letters, words, and symbols printed on the special dot-patterned pages of the books.

To use the system, you simply turn the TAG reader on (powered with two AAA batteries that are not included) and then point to the words in the book to read it. There are different types of modes that you can read the book in, adding to your learning experience and making the book come to life for the reader.

Unlike other systems, this TAG reader immediately seems to pick up what book it is reading and doesn’t require constant hovering over icons to make it do what you want. I appreciate the sleek design of the pen, making this a great item to use when traveling or just going on long rides in the car.

Even though this product is intended for children between the ages of four and eight, my daughter (who is two) loves this just as much as my son! I do really appreciate the size of this system versus the other products that we have bought too.

This system will be available nationally at Toys “R” Us beginning on June 8th and in all major retail outlets on June 15th.

You can purchase the TAG through the Leapfrog website and I noticed that they are offering a special deal for a TAG Trade-Up through their site. To take advantage of the special offer, you can donate your old system (Little Touch, My First LeapPad or LeapPad Learning System) to charity or a friend, order the new TAG system by June 30th (using coupon code SP8TU), and you will receive the T-Rex’s Mighty Roar TAG Book for free!

Suggested Retail Price- $49.99 for TAG Reading System, $13.99 for additional books

Website for More Details- LeapFrog



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    Only the included book is a soft cover book. The addition books that are available for TAG are hard bound books and there are even classics such as Olivia, Little Engine That Could, Fancy Nancy, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. As well as favorites Disney Princess, Cars, Sponge Bob, and the new Kung Fu Panda.


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    Oh, well, that is great to know! Now we know what to add to our birthday lists! I will fix the review- thank you!


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    The demo unit was fantastic but when we brought one and brought it home it did not perform as what is claim.

    When connected to the internet to upload the new audio book, the tag reader is unreadable by the computer. After sending it back to the supplier in Singapore, they took more than the time they claimed to work on the problem at my expense. Now the unit is still struck with the supplier and the engineers from USA. The representative claimed that they are still looking into it.

    Don’t get conned by them. This is the first time that I brought leapfrog product and the last due to this bad experience.


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    I too had a problem with the Tag when connecting it to my computer. I was able to install the connect page, but as soon as I connect the Tag unit, I get an error message saying the program has stopped working and will notify me when a solution is available. I also bought 10 books for it as a Christmas present. So far I’ve emailed the company and called. Talking to them is a joke because they can’t comprehend the problem because of the language barrier, and writing takes forever. After a week, they still have not gotten back and let me know where to email the log files, as the phone call promised. If anyone knows of a solution, I’d appreciate it before I have to ship everything back.


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