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The SmartShield company offered to send some samples of their insect repellent and sunblock to try for our family.  The company makes these products in an easy-to-apply spray or in towelettes, which are convenient for travel.  According to the company, their product contains:

*UVA & UVB protection (FDA doesn’t require UVA blockers)
*Oil-free and PABA free
*hypoallergenic and fragrance free (great for sensitive skin)
*Waterproof, sweatproof, won’t stain clothes
*Aloe Vera based; moisturizes and absorbs into the skin

We tried these products and really liked them. The company boasts that they are an eco-friendly choice because their products have been approved for use in natural marine habitats. According to their site, their eco-friendly sunscreen will not contaminate marine life and is bio-degradable. The commitment to the company is a green commitment, but you will probably want to do some exploration on their ingredients to see if the products are an eco-friendly choice for you & your family.

In all honesty, I really liked the products a lot. The products are very easy to apply and they were not heavily scented or greasy. Everyone in our family has very sensitive skin so I am very hesitant to try new products like this, but no one had any reactions to these products. I really liked the insect repellent & sunscreen combo because it saved me time and application of two products. Overall, I really liked the products a lot!

Suggested Retail Price: $12.49 (for the insect repellent combo)

Website for More Details: SmartShield



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    We have been using this product for the past 5 years and love it. I found it before we went to Mexico because we needed something eco friendly. The individual wipes that combine the sunscreen with the insect repellent work really well. Every time I bring them out at a sports event or at the pool everyone asks me what they are and where I got them. The only thing I wish is that they were a bit cheaper:)


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