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This week is Brain Awareness week and to promote this important week, Horizon Organic (sponsored through Mom Central) is giving me three coupons to give away to a lucky winner for three half gallons Horizon Organics Plus with DHA Milk… for free!

They have lots of fun stuff to do on their website and would love for you to check it out!

After you have browsed their website, here is what you will need to do to enter the contest!

Please leave a comment by Friday (03/14) at 8PM and tell me one of the ways you encourage healthy eating in your children. Your comment does not have to be related to organic eating, but you can include any tips at all for encouraging healthy development in your children! Make sure that your name is clickable or that you provide a valid email address so that I can contact you directly.

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  1. 101

    I always have fresh cut veggies or fruit on the table when the kids come home from school!

  2. 102

    We have a try it once rule. If it was a new food, they had to eat it just the one time. If they didn’t have to eat it again. They almost always liked it. My 3 eat spinach, okra, brussel sprouts, asparagus, broccoli, olives, mushrooms, and many other things most kids consider “yucky”. My oldest does not like cooked spinach but she will it in salads. I can’t ever keep fruit in the house for more than 2 days after buying it, they eat it all!

  3. 103

    We roast vegetables in the oven with a bit of olive oil. My husband and I do it because we like the taste but for some reason, my daughter (18 mos) will eat a ton of broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, squash, etc. if it is roasted. We have tried giving roasted veggies to friend’s children and they will eat them even if they don’t like the same veggie raw or steamed. It’s worth a try – you might be surprised what will happen with your own children.

  4. 104

    I have a variety of healthy snacks available. The kids are happy that they get to choose what to have, and I’m happy that no matter what they choose it’s healthy.

  5. 105

    we try to have healthy snacks in the house,the boys like yogurt,baby carrots, string cheese, and all kinds of fruit. plus no pop

  6. 106
  7. 107

    I give my daughter (14 mo.) some organic foods and try to give her lots of variety at each meal. Fortunately she’s not too picky yet. I would love to give her organic milk, also.


  8. 108

    I fix myself a big plate of vegetables (usually steamed and drizzled with olive oil and herbs) and enjoy. Inevitably, they will want some too. I also like to serve fresh fruit cut up in pieces on a platter to my kids as an afternoon snack.

  9. 109

    Our 2 year old daughter loves fruit, so we always try to keep a good supply available. Also, we discuss nutrition in our house (I almost fell out of my chair one day when, out of the blue, Em announced she “needed to get more fiber”!), and how healthy foods make you run fast and jump high, whereas unhealthy foods make you move slowly…

  10. 110
  11. 111

    I always let my kids pick out one interesting fruit or veggie we normally don’t buy. It gets them excited about trying new food and usually their choices are very healthy. We have always eatten healthy, my kids think yogurt is gross without wheat germ and flax seed in it!

  12. 112

    Luckily, we have four children who are not picky eaters, so we roll with the fact that they are open to anything and everything. We are constantly trying new foods and recipes from various ethnicities. I think that it helped from day one that we, as parents, had a vast variety in our own diets and fed them exactly what we were eating, not making any special “kid-friendly” meals just for them. That said, they also like their share of junk food, but it is limited on a daily basis. More often than not, they will reach for the fresh fruits sitting on the counter in the fruit bowl that is always within their reach instead of a bag of chips or a piece of candy.

  13. 113

    My favorite way to encourage healthy eating is to enlist children’s help in food shopping and preparation. Salads are much more interesting if you grated that carrot or if you were the one who picked the perfect tomato!

  14. 114

    I find the easiest way is have the kids help me cook the meals that are healthy so they know what goes in them.

  15. 115

    We make healthy food a regular habit in our house. Veggies are part of our daily meals and are always out in the open (not disguised) so that the kids get used to eating them from early on. When we do “junk” food we eat Annie’s mac n’ cheese or Morningstar Farms veggie corn dogs. Of course, the occasional ice cream or M & M’s are allowed too!

  16. 116

    I’m not a mom, but I encourage my young cousins to eat healthy because their parents do not! Nutrition is so vital to a growing body, especially organic products (which is all I use!)

  17. 117

    I guess we have talked alot eating foods that are healthy in our home. You know that you talk alot about something when your preschooler starts asking if ice cream is healthy or if cheese is healthy, etc. My daughter would do without eating all together so when it comes to food I really try to get a good balance in her. It is challenging these days to feed them in a healty manner because family and friends of ours don’t have the same convictions, i.e. treats are just that in our home – treats – you don’t get them all the time or every day : ). We have bought only organic milk for years now – the cost is certainly higher but we believe it will pay off later in our children’s life times. blessings to you!

  18. 118

    We eat veggies and fruit at every meal. In fact, I forgot to get out fruit for supper last night and was loudly reminded! Nothing fancy – apple wedges, cut up orange and a lot of frozen veggies, but it works!

  19. 119

    I have three kids! We encourage our kids to drink water instead of sodas, etc.They have thier own water bottles and cups they like to designate for water only. They also have fresh fruit and veggies cut up, washed and ready to grab on the go.
    We use organic as much as we can afford, but I always get organic milk!

  20. 120

    My daughter drinks this milk And she loves it@!!!! And she won t drink other milk. I like that it doenst have horomones in it

  21. 121
  22. 122

    …I try to introduce my kids to a wide variety of foods, even those I do not eat myself. Additionally, we always have vegetables or fresh fruit with each meal.

  23. 123

    I model healthy eating at home and will allow sweets (cookie) as a couple times a week treat=). I offer snacks such as cheese sticks and fruit and wont buy kids cereals.

  24. 124

    enter me please, thank you for the contest

    tought my daughter that fruits are healthier than candy

  25. 125

    easy, we do not leave junk around the house, we know they will get enough of that at school and friends’ houses.

  26. 126

    Well, what I do is pretty simple. I try to set the example. Children will do what they see and what their environment dictates. So I just try my best to set the example for them on healthy eating and provide healthy foods.

  27. 127
  28. 128

    Thanks for the giveaway. To encourge my kids to eat healthy, I always keep healthy snacks on hand that they love. Yogart, cheese sticks, carrots and fruit are always favorites. My children will take one of these snacks over candy most times.
    Thanks again.

  29. 129

    We make an afternoon or morning of grocery shopping as a family. We teach our oldest daughter how to read labels and provide her with a small budget to purchase snack foods. THis takes a lot of time, but it’s good quality family time with a lot of life learning involved!

  30. 130
  31. 131

    I also eat healthy along with my children, but the biggest thing is that we all garden together every year. They enjoy helping pick out what we should grow, planting beans (they’re easy and big to put in the ground), weeding and then harvesting. When they have invested some time into the gardening process, many times they are much more willing to try a vegetable or fruit.

  32. 132

    We eat organic as a family and always have a vegatable together at the dinner table. Limit sugar intake – but don’t deny.

  33. 133

    All the kids in my life learn about eating healthy by example and hands on learning. We grow organic fruits and vegetables and have them participate in the process from beginning to end. This sure encourages them to eat what they grew themselves and gives them the knowledge of just what they are eating and why.

  34. 134

    picking out fruit or veg. I usually don’t buy.

    Eating healthy is uppermost in my mind.

    my family expects it.

    Also adding wheat germ to most foods, like meatloaf, cereal, fruits.

  35. 135
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  37. 137
  38. 138

    I always had lots of vegatables when my kids were growing up so now there adults they loge veggies too

  39. 139

    I have a ten month old who is just starting to eat table food so it’s encouraging our whole family to eat a little better. I offer him atleast two vegetables or fruits per meal and ask him to atleast try them. I am typically a very picky eater, so I also encourage myself to atleast try them….who knew I liked sweet potatoes!

  40. 140

    we don’t buy a lot of prepackaged snacks, but we make sure that there are lots of fruits and veggies chopped and ready to eat

  41. 141
  42. 142

    I grow a garden . The kids love to watch their food grow outside and then pick and eat it

  43. 143

    I always try and give our children and ourselves snacks which are healthy like fresh fruit and vegetables. I also have cut out pictures of people that each of our children want to be someday. I show them that they can reach their goals by eating healthy and that really does catch their attention!

  44. 144
  45. 145

    I’m trying to keep prepackaged foods at a minimum around the house, preferring to instead make most things from scratch. I have more control of what goes into the food (plus it saves money in the long run).
    I’ve also been using Deceptively Delicious recipies to sneak more things in.

  46. 146

    My kids love most vegetables if I squeeze lemon on them and steam them!!! They think it tastes delicious.

  47. 147
  48. 148
  49. 149

    No junky cereal, no candy (except maybe on a special occassion), no soda — lots of fruit and veggies, and dairy products tho!

  50. 150

    I love making the kids tuna burgers! I put the crackers in a zippy bag and let my 4 year old be in charge of smooshing them. This gets them involved and they love to eat anything (even if it’s healthy) if you allow them to become involved in the cooking! It’s great family time, healthy eating and fun for all ages!