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Horizon Organics Plus with DHA

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We were one of twenty bloggers selected to review Horizon Organics Plus with DHA Milk through a blogging campaign sponsored by Mom Central. I jumped at the chance to participate because I had, personally, had never tried organic milk and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Horizon Organic Milk plus DHA is unique because it is the only milk enhanced with an Omega-3 fatty acid that helps support heart, brain and eye health, which the FDA reports as critical for our kids. Drinking organic milk is also encouraged (and a hot topic among mothers) as a good choice for families because organic milk lacks the growth hormones, antibiotics, and the pesticides in it that regular milk contains.

I have to say, this stuff was surprisingly good, although I would admit that it is easy to beat the taste of skim milk with just about anything! It had a very full flavor and the taste was very rich. To me, this milk tastes like whole milk (even though it was 2%) and it had a lovely flavor that I enjoyed!

Would you like to try this for yourself? I am going to be offering one lucky winner the chance to win coupons for THREE containers of Horizon Organic Milk. Please visit this link for contest details!

Website for More Details: Horizon Organic



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    I know that you said that it’s the only milk enhanced with Omega-3 fatty acids because that’s what the Horizon people told you, but it’s not true. A local dairy around here has milk with Omega-3 fatty acids as well. I’m sure that there are other local dairies around the nation that have started doing it as well.


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    We buy veggie “chicken” nuggets for our toddler who is smitten with nuggets but not vegetables. He doesn’t seem to notice much of a difference and it helps us feel good about his nutrition.

    We also do V-8 juices or Healthy Harvest that has the veggies in it to help make sure he’s getting all the nutrients he needs to grow big and strong.


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    I con my kids into eating thier veggies by hiding it in thier foods. The pasta that my 6 year old says is his favorite is loaded with everything fom chopped spinach to finely diced summer squash loads of green bell peppers, onions,and shredded carrots.


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