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Plantronics Calisto Pro Series Phone is a great high-tech phone for moms who work from home. It’s an all-in-one home phone system that offers three ways to talk — Remotely switching between landline, VoIP and mobile calls with a single touch of a button.

We have been using this phone for a couple of weeks now and I love it. The clarity is sharp on this model and I appreciate the fact that I can be doing what I need to get done around my house without lugging or trying to balance my phone with me. The headset switches easily between my cell phone (which supports Bluetooth capabilities) and my landline with ease, making it easier for me to take my calls for work while caring for two small children.

It has many advanced features such as being able to download up to 200 Microsoft Outlook contacts into the phone itself, you can switch to the headset and take calls on your mobile phone through the headset, it supports call waiting & caller id, and the company says that this phone can work with phone services like Skype (although I haven’t tried this yet!)

The thing I appreciated most about the product is that it was simple for a technology-challenged mom. Although it had advanced features, the product was simple and straightforward, which gives it two thumbs up in my book.

I think this is a great product for moms (or dads) who have home-based businesses that require lots of time on the telephone. The ease with which you can switch to the headset makes keeping in touch and taking client calls much easier for me.

The downside is that the price point on this phone is high so I would invest in this only if you have are operating a busy home business that requires lots of phone time!

Suggested Retail Price: $279.95, but currently listed on Amazon at $259.87

Website for More Details: Plantronics Calisto Pro Series Phone

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    Wow! This phone sounds amazing. I’d never heard of one that could switch from voip to landline. Hadn’t even considered it possible! And to mobile phone too.


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