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Johnson & Johnson Bedtime Toddler Sudzing Bar & Toddler Wash

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I received two new products from the Johnson & Johnson company to sample- Johnson’s Bedtime Toddler Wash & Johnson’s Bedtime Easy-Grip Toddler Sudzing Bars.

Johnson’s new products are now formulated with a trademark called, “Natural Calm”which is a patent-pending essence that has been tested and proven to have relaxing properties in it. These products are often endorsed by sleep experts to help babies and toddlers fall asleep easier and sleep through the night better.

I don’t know about all of the hype, but I find the scent to be quite wonderful and I was excited for the kids to try their new line of bar soaps. I don’t typically give my children bar soaps to clean with because it would be too difficult for them to keep a grip on them, but these soaps come in a grippy material that makes it easy for little hands to hold their own soap and get clean without mommy’s help. My children loved this soap and felt grown-up holding their own bars and washing up. Even my two year old could easily hold her own soap and get herself clean.

This scent also comes in a toddler wash that contains moisturizers to leave their skin nice and soft. We liked this wash too, but the kids had a lot more fun having their own individual soap bars.

Suggested Retail Price: Johnson’s Bedtime Toddler Wash ($3.49 for 8.4 oz) & Johson’s Bedtime Easy-Grip Sudzing Bar ($3.49 for 3 bars). I noticed though that Johnson’s offers coupons and guides for parents where you can get coupons for their products so check this site before buying!

Website for more details: Johson’s Baby



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