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Last month I got the opportunity to review stationary from Pose Prints. I just loved that each stationary set was personalized for its recipient and the quality of the workmanship of these sets.

Pose Prints has just launched a “Little Girls” Pose Print line so that you can now personalize stationary for every little girl in your life. These are so precious and would be wonderful to personalize for Valentine’s Day.

The company has graciously offered to do a giveaway with us so that you can personalize stationary for a special little girl in your life. The winner of this giveaway will get a stationary set of fifteen cards with envelopes specially designed just for you & yours.
To enter this contest, please share your favorite Valentine’s Day memory- whether it be a childhood memory or an adult memory. We will chose the best entry and announce the winner on Monday.

Entries are due by this Sunday (01/27) at 8PM.

Good luck, everyone!



  1. 1

    When I was a freshman in college, my best friend/roommate and I dressed all in red (including a red umbrella) and visited friends on each floor of the dorm to spread Valentine’s Day cheer and love with candy and cards. It would have been so much better if we had these cute personalized cards with our faces on them! The best part is that she’s still my best friend and roommate today! No prancing around NY in red get-ups though this year, well maybe…


  2. 2

    When I was five, I did not have sufficient allowance to buy my parents a great gift or anything, so I made them a home-made card (on this awful lacey doilie covered in gaudy red sparkles glue down with gobs of elmers) with a “coupon” for Valentine’s Day dinner…which consisted of blueberry pancakes – in the form of misshapen hearts, of course – since that was the only thing I knew how to cook at that age. I’d like to think that since then my culinary skills have improved significantly, as has my ability to recognize that pose-prints cards are way cuter than anything i can make myself!


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  4. 3

    To me, Valentine’s day was always the day I got a new book! The book fair came to our school twice a year, always around Halloween and Valentine’s day. So I would always get a Halloween book and a Valentine’s Day book. Nowadays, I simply love all those pictures books with all their heatr illustrations and tales of woodland animals giving each other valentines and little gifts!


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  6. 5

    My favorite Valentine’s Day memory is when I was 6 years-old in first grade. I had been out of school for five weeks because of a horrible case of the chicken pox. My 1st grade teacher had all my classmates make individual Valentine cards for me to send home. I was so excited because I thought that the cute boy I had crush on had purposely put millions of hearts all over it as a hidden message that he liked me! Don’t think he meant it that way, but it sure helped me get better quicker and want to go back to school! :)


  7. 6

    I really dont remember a lot of childhood ones, but I truly love every v-day making crafts with my 2 nieces and my son. They have so much fun and love the excuse to break out the pink glitter and glue! :-)


  8. 7

    I used to always be late for work – habitually. Many Valentine’s Days ago, a boyfriend set all my clocks forward 30 minutes without telling me so that I would be early for work. I can’t tell my husband, but it was actually the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for me – so specific and thoughtful – even though the guy was a dud.


  9. 8

    I have great memories of my Dad making Valentine’s Day special, not only for my Mom, but, also for us three girls. He would always make each of us a homemade card and would either give me and my sister’s a stuffed animal holding a heart or a box of chocolates. I still have the cards from when I was growing up as well as the stuffed animals he gave me. Even though I am an adult now with kids of my own, my Dad still makes it a point to see me on Valentine’s Day and give me a card and tells me he loves me. I am so blessed to be able to call him my Dad.
    Take Care.


  10. 9

    Early in our courtship, my husband and I did not have much money, so imagine my surprise on Valentine’s Day when I found beautiful flowers on my desk at work. A co-worker told me he’d figured out my schedule for the day, and made the long drive to my office while I was out a client meetings to leave grocery store flowers and a card on my desk as a surprise. Those flowers were more beautiful than any huge, expensive delivery from a florist! :-)


  11. 10

    When I was 15, my dad took me out for Valentine’s Day. Seeing as I was not old enough to date but still really wanted to, this was great. I have 3 younger brothers and this was a great thing for me. I felt really special and I really got to rub it in that I got to go eat at a nice restaurant with my dad. Great Valentine’s for me but probably not too great for my mom.


  12. 11

    I made valentines when I was a college freshman, sort of in lieu of Christmas cards, but I wrote a personal note to each recipient tell them what I appreciated about them. I loved doing that, and several people commented on how great it made them feel.


  13. 12

    My favorite valentine’s day was the first year my husband and I were dating. He had told me he was going to a basketball game and I actually believed him! Instead he drove in a blizzard, picked me up, took me out to dinner and gave me a little picture frame…
    It was very sweet! We decided on our wedding date 3 days later….and he hadn’t even proposed yet!!


  14. 13

    My favorite Valentine’s Day memories are from childhood. My dad would always give me the same thing, a little box of Sweetheart candies, every year until I was in college.


  15. 14

    My favorite Valentine’s day was when my twins were 6. They made me a Valentine with stick figures in red crayon and wrote, “Mommy, we love you even when we are bad”. Now that’s love!


  16. 15

    My favorite valentine memory is from junior high. I received a red rose with no note. Just the rose. And I still don’t know who it was from. But it really made my day (and my year…) as I generally did not attract that kind of attention.


  17. 16
  18. 17

    When my parents divored I was 12. It was devastating, and it put me in a joy less place; ‘special occasions’ were never special to me. Then in 1998 I met the love of my life; in 2001 we got married, on Valentine’s Day! We’ve since had two beauitful children; the family I’ve created with my husband has helped me heal and now holidays, especially Valentine’s Day are a humongous source of joy.


  19. 18

    When I was in high school, I gave a guy “friend” of mine a valentine that said something about being my buddy forever. He took it and smiled, and little did I know he kept it. We’ve been married almost 11 years now, and I found out a couple of years after we were married that he STILL had that valentine. We’ve been friends since the 5th grade, but didn’t start dating until I was a Senior and he was a Junior. We’ve been out of school now for 16 years and he STILL has that special valentine that I gave him. How sweet!


  20. 19

    My favorite memory is the first one we were married. I was pregnant, and my DH planned an awesome long weekend getaway to Vancouver, BC. I think it was one of the last times we’ve been away for more than 24 hours without kids since then!


  21. 20

    I actually met my husband on Valentine’s Day! We live in New Orleans and it was Mardi Gras at the time. We met at a parade after he had ridden in it. I gave him my number thinking he’d never call me, but he did! We went on a date a week later and have been inseparable ever since. That was 9 years ago!


  22. 21

    When I was in elementary school, Valentine’s Day was an exciting one for all the kids. Somebody’s Mom would “volunteer” to bake cupcakes for the entire class, and there was an unspoken rule that no one was to be left off of anyone’s Valentine card list. The class would spend a couple of days covering and decorating a cardboard box…a mailbox for all of the Valentines, and before we had cupcakes, someone was chosen to “deliver” the Valentines. We all had fun, because everyone was treated fairly…a Valentine and a cupcake for all!


  23. 22

    When I oldest son was 3 for Valentines day we traced his hand and my hand. I then cut out about 50 of each. Then I folded down the middle and ring finger of each (to make the I love you sign). I stapled them together and hung a homemade “I Love You” banner all around our room for “Daddy”. It was so perfect.


  24. 23

    We have a family tradition. For dinner we always make spaghetti with red sauce,put red food coloring in our milk, decorate the table with lots of confetti hearts,we dim the lights and burn candles. And of course always have a chocolate desert. My kids look forward to it every year!!


  25. 24

    About five years ago, when my (now) husband and I started dating, he had to be in Asia on business over Valentine’s Day. It was our first holiday as a couple and I was so bummed about the timing. We were still really new and fresh and mushy, and I didn’t know what to expect, if anything, from him. He sent me a dozen red tulips (I thought that was cute instead of roses) with a card that read, “Since I can’t be there with my two lips, please accept these replacements.” So cute… and the rest is history! We just had our first baby 5 months ago. :-)


  26. 25

    My children gave me a coupon book one year that I absolutely loved. It included breakfast in bed, supper dishes washed, a quite evening in which they would play together and behave, a load of clothing washedad dryed, bedrooms cleaned without asking, and several kisses. Of course, Dad got the worst end of that because he had to help with all the coupons and I used every single one. My daughter asked for some Hannah Montana valentines yesterday and since the divorce with her daddy I can’t always get her everything she wants so these valetines would be a great way to pay her back for the hard work she put into the coupons that Valentines Day–


  27. 26

    My now husband before we were married sent me a little plant tree ( I know your thinking what’s so special about that, right?)

    Well coming out of a rather sad divorce I shared my dreams and wants for a new relationship with my now husband on how I have always wanted a Tire swing hanging from a tree in the front yard. Now knowing how most men are I didn’t think he really paid much attention to that little want in my life. So with that in mind when it came to Valentines Day I received at work this mini tree with a little tire hanging from the tree and I was so happily surprised I cried. It was my sign I new I’d be spending the rest of my life with him… and 3 boys later we all swing on the huge tire swing he put up the day we moved into you new home.


  28. 27

    When I was first dating my Husband he was working on getting out of debt and establishing himself out here in California. He wanted to do something special for me but had to work within his means. When I got to his house on Valentine’s Day he came out of his room with a beautiful, small plant in a cute red pot. He then proceeded to explain to me that he had cut off a piece of the first plant he owned and planted it for me so it could grow into its own plant. I was so touched the way he was sharing his life with me. Three years later both plants (his original one and my gift) have both grown full and lovely just like our love! We can’t wait to celebrate our first Valentine’s Day as Husband and Wife!


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