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I have really been impressed with the Insignia products, offered through Best Buy, and their new HD Radio system was no exception to my past experience with them. This little shelf unit packs a big punch because it offers multiple formats for your dollars. Not only is it a radio, but it also can be hooked up to your television to play your DVD collection, includes a CD player, can play your MP3 collection, and it includes a docking station for your MP3 player (and a USB port for other electronic hook-up).

I love this system because of its smaller size and its great sound quality. The unit is perfect for our bedroom and is a great way for me to enjoy our music collection in many different media formats. The display on it is great and displays the songs from all of the different formats, including the radio. It also includes a handy remote for making your different selections.

The system is really well-made except that the tray for inserting your DVD/CD collection into is a flimsy plastic and probably would have been a better space saver if you could just slide the DVD/CD internally into the unit. The volume knob is also problematic as it can actually raise the volume when you are trying to lower it. We have found some of the functions are easier to use with the remote, rather than pushing the buttons on the unit itself.

I would highly recommend this shelf system and think the price is excellent for all of the things that you are able to use it for. It would be really great for a teen’s bedroom or a nice addition to your office space.

Much thanks to Insignia and Best Buy for giving us the opportunity to review another great product!

Suggested Retail Price: $127.99

Website for More Details: Best Buy

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