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It seems that they are constantly coming out with new and improved tissues, and Puffs has recently made a new addition to their product line- and just in time for that cold and flu season. They are now offering Puffs with the scent of Vicks built into the products. The tissue combines soothing lotion with the scent of Vicks to provide cold relief into each tissue. The lotion in Puffs Plus with the scent of Vicks contains chamomile, aloe and vitamin E and the Vicks scent contains eucalyptus, menthol and camphor.

We received a sample of the product to try and while I really appreciated the feel of the tissue, because of the lotion properties, I found the scent of Vicks to be a bit too strong for my taste. I think the process of blowing didn’t involve a lot of inhaling for me, so I didn’t find the Vicks portion helpful for normal everyday nose-blowing. I can see a benefit to it though if you are extremely stuffed up, particularly for children who might have not figured out how to blow their nose.

The product site says this is safe for both children and babies.

Thank you to the Puffs team for giving us an opportunity to sample their new product!

Website for More Details: Puffs Plus



  1. 1

    I actually love these, but as you said, the benefit is only when you are stuffed up.

    I’d keep regular tissues around for usual usage and Puffs with Vicks for colds.

    Now, I have to say that many moons ago (about 9 years of them) there was a very similar product out called Puffs with Vicks (see how similar) that for some reason didn’t make it. I personally love them.


  2. 2

    I LOVE these puffs w/Vicks! I have so much trouble all through the winter months breathing well with my nose. Also it bleeds due to dry heat in house. These tissues are wonderful!
    They might not be the kind to pass out to crying people but I love them! They are hard for me to find! They are a bit strong straight out of the box but when left laying around they don’t seem to have a lot of Vicks still on them.


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