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I received a Secure2Me Blanket today and could not wait to share about it. This blanket is the most luxurious baby blanket that I have ever seen and has one of the most inventive ideas I have ever seen on a blanket. The blanket is designed so that it will stay securely on your child, whether they happen to be on a trip in the car or for a walk in the stroller. The blanket has clips that fasten to your child’s chair so that they are always kept snuggly warm and the blankets do not get thrown from the stroller or rolled over by the stroller. Any parent who has tire marks on their blankets can sympathize with this scenario!

The design is ideal for parents who don’t want to be confined to a bunting that has to be hooked up through the back of a seat, by a design that limits a child’s size, or products that can only fit certain seats. The design is universal and can be attached anywhere, making it much easier to use than other products on the market.

What makes the blankets even more unique are the elegant patterns and fabrics that have been chosen for each one. The fabric choices are stunning and the workmanship that has went into each of these is present in the beautiful stitching and design.

These blankets would make a beautiful baby shower gift or a wonderful gift to give to someone who is confined to a wheelchair and could use a little warmth (offered in a Secure2Me Grand design).

An excellent design and a beautiful product- I would recommend this product highly!

Suggested Retail Price: Select Designs start at $29 up to $58

Website for More Details: Secure2Me Blankets



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    I have been excited about the grandbaby coming August 3rd. Now there is another reason to be excited. I love the concept of this blanket. As soon as the baby gets here ( they are going to be surprised…she thinks she will work harder to get the baby out…so she can see what it is, boy or girl) I am going to get one that is color appropriate. Looks great.


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