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Pose Prints offers quality stationary, specializing in stationary that looks just like you (or someone you love). You can choose from hundreds of designs and replicate yourself from hundreds of design choices. If anyone has any experience in designing themselves virtually, I found it to be very similar to designing a Mii in our Wii game system.

The company is owned by a mother & daughter team, who decided to pool their talents in business and design to create a unique stationary company.
I had a great time designing myself for my stationary set. I was able to even chose a Santa hat with matching red pearls to create a festive look for all my holiday thank-you cards this year. One could spend a lot of time creating themselves and having fun with all of the costume choices. Even if you aren’t sure if you would want to make a purchase, just browsing and creating yourself can be a lot of fun!

The lovely ladies from Pose Prints wanted to extend a special offer to our readers and offered a great coupon code for your purchases. You can use the coupon code: momadvice07 for 10% off of your order.

Thanks to Pose Prints for giving us the opportunity to share about their fun stationary and we wish them much success in their exciting business venture!

Suggested Retail Price: $2 per stationary piece

Website for More Details: Pose Prints



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    First real visit to your site, been receiving emails and glancing through for months now. I am a grandma two grandsons, 5 and 6 and one due in Dec on 18th. My baby having a baby boy…. I have three daughters. Would like to share some pix of them? she is a lovely pregnant woman, all a glow and having seen first 4d, he looks like her. Incredible what they can do these days. I really am amazed….
    so working on the picture to site? any assistance is welcome


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