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I received two great books from a company called FamilyStories. These stories were developed by Susan Magsamen and include kits of ideas and things you can do for and with your children. She has five books out including a book called Family Night (helping families come up with ideas for cool nights together), Making Spirits Bright (about creating holiday traditions with your family), My Two Homes (helping children and parents in the early days of divorce and separation), Tooth Fairy Time (sharing the true story of that little tooth fairy), and Nighty Night (teaching children the importance of sleep- AMEN, my friends, AMEN!).

I love all of these books because each book comes with a kit or an activity that you can do. For example, the “Making Spirits Bright” book contained ornaments and items for decorating the ornaments and the “Tooth Fairy Time” book contained a special tooth fairy pillow that your child could place their tooth upon. I love that these books encourage family traditions and ideas for helping your children through important milestones in their life.

Any of these would make an excellent Christmas gift especially, “Making Spirits Bright” for the holiday season.

Thank you to Sterling Publishing for including us in their mailing!

Suggested Retail Price: $17.95 for all titles

Website for More Details: Susan Magsamen

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