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This has to be one of the most original items that I have ever received to review for our blog! This product is called the OskerBee Baby Changing Station and it literally is a diaper bag with a portable changing station. The changing station set includes the bag and an actual fold-out cot for baby to be changed upon.

The bag is really well made and the workmanship on it is just beautiful. It has insulated pockets in the front for carrying bottles or snacks and roomy pockets in the center which include a place for your fold-out baby changer. The bag can be used as a backpack, attached to your stroller, or you can swing it over your shoulder. It is available in five different colors.

This changing station would definitely be handy when going places where it is difficult to change your little one. I hate it when we are at restaurants and there is no place to change my child. You would think in this day and age that there would be changing stations in the women’s AND men’s bathrooms by now….but I digress. When you are in those kind of situations, it would be ideal to have something like this that you could use. Other places that come to mind are amusement parks and airports where restrooms are dirty and often have a long wait time to get in there. Anyone with a diaper blow out knows that these type of diaper emergencies have to be taken care of STAT.

You would think that the bag would be very heavy considering the little fold-out cot is contained inside, but it really is quite lightweight. Unfortunately, I found the width of the bag to be a bit awkward for carrying around all of the time, although I think this would be a great addition to the car for long trips and for those sticky situations that can occur when dining out. It would also make an awesome laptop bag for when you return to the adult world because it doesn’t look like a diaper bag.

Thank you to the OskerBee Baby Products company for giving us the opportunity to experience their fantastic product!

Suggested Retail Price:  $89.95 total for both

Website for More Details: OskerBee Baby Products



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    Does anyone know of an alternative phone number to order this product from Oskerbee? I can not get through on their 1800 number.



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    We have a bigger number of the changing station/bag (in all colors) and are selling them for half the price, including shipping with FedEx Ground. Get in touch and the product can be on its way tomorrow.


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    They are not in business at this time. I would love for them to get back up and running! I have a lot of friends who want one of these bags!!


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    I can get you in contact with who is handling the oskerbee bags. I believe they are selling on ebay site.


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    If anyone is still interested in these bags, I am currently selling the Oskerbee diaper bags on ebay. I have plenty of them in different colors at discounted prices.


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    send an email to [email protected] ; you will get a response how to get the Oskerbee bags, they are remodeling the website and gearing up to come out again. With the downsizing of the economy, it was not in high demand but are getting a lot of requests for the bag/changer.


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