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We have never owned a video camcorder before and there are so many times in our life where I wish I could document some of those milestone moments in our lives. Camcorders are expensive though so we have just relied on the grainy films that our digital camera could take.

Recently though a series of video camcorders have come onto the scene that make owning a camcorder possible for a more affordable price. One of those new camcorders on the market is the new Flip Video camcorders that are going for around $125!

The Flip Video is about the same size as a digital camera and has a sleek and very simple design. As someone who is more technology-challenged, I am usually stumped when it comes to gadgets like these. The Flip Video has only a couple of buttons and they all make sense, so I was able to begin taking video footage of my children within five minutes of receiving it in the mail. This is virtually unheard of for someone like me, so I knew this product was well-designed.

This Flip Video is able to take up to thirty minutes of footage. They also make a model that can document up to sixty minutes (for around $150). The sound quality is absolutely outstanding and most importantly, the video is great… until you zoom in. The more you zoom, the worse it gets. At maximum zoom, the quality is about what you see on YouTube.

Other cool features are a cord that lets you watch movies on your TV and an easy connector to you computer. The “flip”part of the camera is the USB cable that flips out when you are ready to view your footage. It is short and fits easily into your computer or laptop. You can instantly view the videos and share them with family and friends. We had some difficulty with their software and we never were able to get it to install, but we were able to easily copy them over to our computer and view them with Windows Media Player.

These would make an excellent Christmas gift for any family or as a gift to yourselves for the holiday season!

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