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Hot Wears is a great Canadian company that offers a variety of fleece accessories to help keep you warm. Some of their products include fleece body bands, pocket scarves, neck wraps, hand heaters, and headbands. All of the products are washable and contain pockets to store hot packets to add warmth on chilly days.

Of all of the products that were sent to me, I honestly can’t say which I loved more because they were all so excellent. The neck wrap is the perfect size to tuck around your neck when you are outside and wanting to keep your neck toasty warm. The headbands are made like standard fleece headbands, but have pockets for hot packets to be placed in the section where your ears are, helping to keep your head nice and warm. The body band is great for keeping your middle warm and the added hot packets are great for lower back & muscle pain.  Their pocket scarf is ingenious because it has extra pockets on the end for your iPod or Walkman and can also be a great place to tuck extra hot packets or your hands to keep them warm. The hand heaters are fingerless gloves that have a pocket for a hot packet that can help keep your hands toasty warm while keeping your fingers free for whatever you need to get done outside.

These items would make excellent holiday gifts for soccer moms, for people who enjoy outdoor activities, for anyone who has to work outside, or for people who frequently go to outdoor spectator sports.

Each of the items includes two environmentally friendly hot packets that have been made with all natural ingredients. Once these hot packets are exposed to oxygen, they will warm up within 30-60 seconds and stay hot for six to seven hours.

I honestly cannot rave about these products enough- they are truly that great! I am planning to purchase these as Christmas gifts for some of our gift exchanges as I think they make the perfect gift for just about anyone!

Suggested Retail Price:  Neck Warmer- $14.95, Pocket Scarf- $19.95, Body Band- $16.95, Hand Warmers- $14.95, Head Warmers- $12.95, Hot Packets- $1.50 for 2.

Website For More Information: Hot Wears

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