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We received some products to review from the Comfy Software Company. They offer keyboards and software for children as young as twelve months to give them an opportunity to play on the computer, while learning basic educational fundamentals.

The keyboard system that arrived looked like a fun toy which included a telephone and lots of bright buttons to push to go along with the game. To make the keyboard unique for each game, it has plastic covers that fit over the keys and make the keyboard more tailored for the games.

I loved that my daughter could play on the computer just like us. Each of the games offered loads of entertainment and it was fun for her to feel like a big kid and get to play on the screen. She is not old enough to use a mouse yet, so this would be ideal for any child who might like to use the family computer, but can’t navigate all of the buttons yet.  My son also truly enjoyed the games that they offered and thought the unique keyboard was fun to use.

On the downside, we had difficulties loading the system because it seems to be incompatible with Windows Vista (which is installed on three of our four computers). Once installed, the program worked effectively for us, but it seemed to not work well with this type of Windows platform.

We also had trouble keeping the different plastic pieces on top of the keyboard because the first thing our daughter wanted to do was to take them off. It would be nice if these pieces fitted in a more permanent manner for curious hands who like to hide things.

Many thanks to the Comfy company for giving us the opportunity to sample their wonderful products!

Suggested Retail Price:  $69.99 for the system, Games for $19.99

Website For More Information: Comfy



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