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 I was really impressed with the Family Life Organizer that I received from the Family Facts company so I was so happy when Pam Socolow personally contacted me to see if she could send us more of her organizing products to try.

Included in the box of goodies was a copy of her On-The-Go Organizer. This organizer is just like the Family Life Organizer, but in a mini version that can fit easily inside of your purse or briefcase. It also has pockets, sticker reminders, a place to hold your business cards, a calendar and a place for your contact information. The organizer includes a pen for jotting down notes and lots of places to keep all of that important information handy. I am loving this organizer and it has made a great addition to organizing our home.  (Price- $14.95)

As someone who cooks often, I was so excited to get my hands on a copy of her Recipe & Party Planning Organizer. This is in the same attractive style as her Life organizer and has a place to store your recipes and keep track of party lists, wine lists, party planning information, and menu planners. This has divided pockets for you to store your recipes in and handy sticker sheets to remind yourself about certain recipes (For example, this recipe is a quick dish).  I loved everything about this organizer except that I wished it had included more of the recipe card holders. You can purchase more of these for an additional cost though. (Price- $15.96)

Pam also included several selections from her pad organizers. There is a handy Notes to School pad that has information that you can simply check boxes on instead of handwriting a note to the teachers. In situations where your child is taking a different bus or they have had an absence at school, it would come in handy to convey messages quickly to the teachers. (Price- $8.00)

Other pads included were weekly and daily calendars where information could be seen easily and quickly at a glance. These are on handy tear off sheets. (Price-$8 for daily calendar, $10 for weekly calendar).



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    These look awesome! I’m very much in to being organized. Amy, which one of these do you have and like the most?


  2. 2

    My favorite was the Life Organizer that I had featured earlier and the On-the-Go Organizer. It helped reduce a lot of paper clutter in my house and it has been nice to have something portable that I can keep in my purse too!!


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