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 I am always game for adding a new bib to our bib collection and I really loved the products offered by the DaBib company. The company offers stylish bib choices made from eco-friendly baby-safe materials. With all of the toxic scares these days, I am finding myself drawn more to companies that offer these choices, rather than the cheapest item on the shelf.

The bibs come in several stylish designs and their bibs are made from polyester and nylon. The collars on these bibs are super soft and are a stretchy elastic which hug the baby’s neck, but are still very comfortable.

The best feature on this bib is the flip out design of the crumb catcher. Basically, the pocket completely inverts so that it looks like it is right-side out, but it is really inside out. It makes cleaning out the bib a lot easier because you don’t have to dig in there to get the yucky stuff out. They also have a patent-pending design on their bib called the “Scrunch Collar,” which is an adjustable rib-knit collar that prevents spills and dribbles from slipping under the bib and onto the clothing. The velcro-closure is on the side versus the back of the bib, to ensure that you can easily take the bib on and off.

I have thrown this bib in the washer and it looks brand new. The fabric is made of a stain resistant microfiber and the bibs also have a waterproof back so the food doesn’t soak through.

I definitely love the cool designs, the collar and the flip-out pocket for my messy eater. On the downside, I wish the bib was a tad longer or had sleeves so that I could keep my daughter super clean when she is eating her meals. I think the design and shape seem more intended more for beginner eaters, due to the shorter length and width of the design.

These bibs are available online and at select retailers for $12.99 (suggested retail price).

Special thanks to the company for giving us the opportunity to review their product!

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