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Works-For-Me Wednesday: Making Your Spice Rack Usable

Welcome to this edition of the Works-For-Me-Wednesday spot. Be sure to check out last week’s ideas where I show you how to reinvent your closet space.

When my husband and I first got married, we purchased a very handy little spice rack. It was pre-loaded with all of the spices and all we had to do was dump them into the labeled jars and they were ready to use. Last year I realized though that all of the spices just sat there unused. I decided to dump them out and then thought to myself, “Why would I reload this spice rack with the same spices that I never used?” Instead, I decided to whip out my trusty label maker and redo the labels with things *I* would actually use. Things like that Pasta Magic Blend, Garlic Salt, Italian Seasoning Mix, Cinnamon, & Confectioners Sugar (for dusting on my French Toast), and Garlic Powder….Spices that were not available to me with my previous labels.

This option was cheaper than purchasing a new spice rack and now I have the spices handy that I actually do use!

That is this week’s installment of Works-For-Me-Wednesday. Be sure to visit Shannon’s Blog for a whole slew of lovely ladies who are participating each week!

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Amy Clark

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