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Will You Take The No Spend Challenge?

Today is the first day of my family’s challenge to not spend money. Starting today, I will be uploading a new picture to our site and the MomAdvice No Spend Challenge Flickr group that has been set up. I can’t guarantee I will be writing something every single day, but I will try to photo document our journey.

Again, you can tailor the challenge to your family and what you need to do. We bought groceries, some family’s approach a no spend challenge by raiding the pantry. We chose a month, you can choose a week. Don’t be limited by my restrictions at all!

If you are looking to eat from your pantry, I encourage you to visit 5 Dollar Dinners this month and visit Erin’s frugal recipes to get some wonderful ideas. You can also visit our recipes, The Aldi Queen blog, or even our general food section for some inexpensive ideas to accomplish your challenge.

However you do it, whatever length of time you do it…heck, even if you fall off the wagon doing it, I am proud of you for trying!

For moral support among participants, please leave your name on the link list and let us know that you are participating. We can visit each other’s sites and offer support as we take on a great challenge with many benefits!

To access all of the information on the MomAdvice No Spend Challenge, please visit this link to read all of the entries!

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Amy Clark

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