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WFMW: Solving the Sand-Between-Your-Toes Blues

Welcome to this week’s edition of Works-For-Me-Wednesday. Swing by Shannon’s blog for more lovely ideas for you & your family! It is something that I know I look forward to every week because I get so many great ideas!

This week my husband is on vacation so we have been enjoying a few day trips to the beach & such. Now if there is one thing that I hate about the beach, it is all of that sand- in the car, in our toes, on our backs, in our hair. Usually there is sand everywhere and it can make for a very uncomfortable ride home.

This time I packed the miracle cure for sanditis- a container of baby powder. Just sprinkle it wherever you have sand and it will instantly just disappear off of you. Not only does it remove the sand, but it also leaves everyone smelling as sweet as a baby!

Keep some in your car or by the door and give your kids a sprinkle after they are done playing in the sand box. No more sand trailed through the house- that definitely Works For Me!

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Amy Clark

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