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Weeding Through Your Child’s Art Work Creatively

Welcome to this installment of Works-For-Me Wednesday! Once again, thanks to Shannon for her great idea and please visit her blog to view all the other wonderful participants. Last week, I discussed my single cup coffeemaker and an easy way to get your coffee to your travel mug. You can view that blog entry here. I was having some difficulty with my camera so if you were missing a visual for that one, I finally uploaded a picture and you can see exactly how I do this.

Today I thought I would share my creative solution for weeding through my son’s art work. My son attends preschool and they do a craft every day that he is there. He attends two days and also attends bible school on Sundays, where they make some type of craft there too. That means (at minimum) we are bringing home three crafts a week.

Now I love everything my son brings home, but there are just those *special* crafts that really stick out in my mind. There are the ones that are pictures of his family, or ones that have his beautiful handprints- stuff like that. Then there are those that are just funny that I can’t wait to show him later in life. Like, when they had “Q” day and had to make a Queen and our son only put hair on one side of her face. My husband pronounced this his, “Boy George” queen and every single time one of us walks by it we sing, “Do you really want to hurt me?” Or the time where he put the duck’s eyes upside down and it actually kind of looked freaky because the eyes were those googly bouncy eyes and it just looked…well, scary!

As for the other crafts, we have found a good way to share these with others. Each family occasion (birthdays, illness, or a thank you) we ask our son to pick one piece of art work that he would like to give as his gift. He picks one that is special to him and he tells us what he would like for us to write on it, as a special message just from him. This has helped him learn to share his talents with others and also becomes a special gift just from him. He loves showing his art work off and we love weeding through the countless art projects that come our way. On our gifts, we attach the craft on top of the wrapped gift and this is much more creative than a bow! As you can see, this Works-For-Me and I look forward to sharing with you guys more next week!

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