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The Naughty Stitch- The “Amy Purl”

Requests were made to show you guys how I messed up my knitting. I am not sure if this is genuine interest or an opportunity to laugh at my ridiculousness, but I will pretend like it was to marvel at how inventive I am. Now if this is a real stitch, please tell me. If this resembles something you have seen before and don’t believe that I can get a patent on this fabulousness, please let me know. I was hoping it was unique, but perhaps it is not!

Begin by taking your needle in going up into the top of the stitch and hold ‘er steady.

Don’t panic this is exactly wrong so you are doing great. Now take your yarn (which should be on top and not behind like that old and boring knit stitch) and loop it around on the outside of that knitting needle. Does it feel wrong and inappropriate? It should, especially if you know how to purl the proper way.

Now you are going to take that loop and slip it off on the right needle. You are so wrong! Don’t you feel like you need a shower after this horrible knitting tutorial?

Now you can slip that stitch off the left needle and you have completed the naughty stitch…or the “Amy Purl.”

If you alternate this stitch with a row of this and a row of knitting, it will look like this. That’s right….completely wrong, but completely straight and right-in-your-head.

Do NOT do this stitch if you are not an experienced knitter and can understand just how wrong this is. I don’t want to deter you from the path of the straight and narrow.

Hugs and Kisses,

The Stitchery Satan

Published May 13, 2008 by:

Amy Clark

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