Amy Clark

Slushie Filled Celebrating

Slushie sloshing toasts were made to our new-to-use house and to our amazing kids who approached the renovation as though it were a new adventure each day. Dust everywhere? Let’s write our names! Wood in the way? Let’s pretend it is a hurdle. No couches? Let’s jump on pillows and make forts.

It is the resilience of my children that I admire most and that makes me proud to be their mom. It is that problem-solving and one-big-adventure thinking that I need to embrace in my own life. What if I used that same thinking and approached life situations this way? Wouldn’t my life be just a little grander?

A slushie sloshing toast to this new way of thinking! Bring on the adventures!

Published March 03, 2010 by:

Amy Clark

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