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Simply Choosing Great Wines Resource List

We would like to thank Charlene, from My Frugal Adventures for sharing her wine expertise with us on MomAdvice Simplified.

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Here are some of the resources that were highlighted in today’s episode:

Cheap, But Good (Wine That Is)- Charlene shares a lot of great information on buying inexpensive wine and how to spot those killer deals in your town!

Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator- This is one investment that Charlene recommends as a great way to aerate your wine. It makes even an inexpensive wine taste better.

Vacu Vin 3 Piece Wine Saver Set- Paired with the wine aerator, this would be a wonderful gift to give a wine drinker in your life. The Vacu Vin helps to keep a bottle of wine fresh for up to two weeks versus a couple of days.

Great Tastes Made Simple & Great Wine Made Simple- These are books that Charlene recommends on learning more about wine and pairing wine & food together.

Riedel Overture Red Wine Glasses- Charlene recommends this stemware which is widely available and will make any wine taste better. She spends more money on her glassware than on the wine itself so these would definitely add to your wine experience.

Wine- Two of the wineries that Charlene recommends sampling from are Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and Bogle Vineyards.

Boxed Wines: An Eco & Wallet-Friendly Choice- This is my article and recommendations for sampling great boxes of wine. They have come a long way, believe me!

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