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Simplifying Your Accessories Resource List

Another big thank you to Sarah Morgan for sharing her wise words of wisdom on choosing great accessories for our outfits. Thank you also to everyone who was able to catch the show and provided such fun entertainment on our chat board as you listened to our interview.

As promised, here is our resource list from today’s podcast:

eenamaria- Here is where you can find all of the latest and greatest styles from Sarah Morgan’s wonderful handbag line that she will be sharing this month with QVC viewers. If you would like a first-hand review, you can read our review on her I Mean Bizness Travel Tote which is perfect for a working woman on-the-go!

The Budget Fashionista- I wanted to share about The Budget Fashionista because Kathryn happens to be one of my favorite budget-minded fashion bloggers in the world. She offers great tips for accessorizing your outfits on a budget. Be sure to check her Shopping Guides for great guidelines on budget-friendly shopping and her book, “How to Be a Budget Fashionista” for more great tips.

Free Diaper Bag Checklist- You can find this practical checklist for keeping your diaper bag stocked with everything you need for your daily outings with your little one. We have provided additional check boxes so you can personalize it with whatever you might need.

On Next Week’s Show…

Is bedtime an hour of stress in your house? Are you constantly battling with your children at bedtime? Are you struggling with getting sleep yourself? Dr. Marc Weissbluth, professor of pediatrics at Northwestern University in Chicago and founder of The Sleep Disorder Center at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago and a practicing pediatrician, will be joining us to share his expertise to help with those bedtime blues. This show will air on February 26th at 2PM EST!

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Amy Clark

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