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No Spend Challenge Day 6: Embracing the Freebies

The biggest challenge lays before me… tackling a weekend in Nashville without spending any money. I did admit that I might need to rely on gift cards a bit, and this is exactly why. I have saved two gift cards- an American Express gift card for $25 (given to me for bag check-in at another event and I carried my bag to save the card) and loads of gift cards for Starbucks given to me over the holidays. I imagine that these are going to get me by, but a lot of factors come into play here. Who will accept the American Express gift card? How much food will be at the Blissdom conference? And the fact, that I have numerous stomach problems that are aggravated by poor diet when traveling, how healthy can I eat with my gift cards?

I scan the paper quickly before I leave. I am horrible about coupons and don’t generally spend a lot of time clipping them, but once in awhile you will find a coupon that makes it all worth it.

This coupon for a McDonald’s free coffee is going in my luggage and I am hoping to redeem it at the airport for my morning cup of coffee. I love a coupon where a purchase is not required.

Fingers crossed that I can make it this weekend without spending a dime!
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Amy Clark

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