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No Spend Challenge Day 1: Reduced Commitments

We begin the month by getting the calendar ready with the month’s worth of activities. Normally, the calendar is overflowing with commitments and fun things to do with the kids. As I jot down the activities, I begin to see the many things that we won’t be able to do. No playdates that cost money (meeting up at fast food restaurants, the mall, the bouncy house) and many solo activities that I would have loved to have been a part of (a mom’s night out dinner & fundraising night at a local restaurant). I suddenly feel a little wave of melancholy and then a tad bit of guilt. I wanted to do this, it was my “grand idea” as my husband refers to this challenge, and day one has already greeted me with a little disappointment.

I think it will be time to get creative with my friends. Impromptu playdates at my house instead and coffee get togethers with my favorite friends at my house. I will have to embrace my New Year’s Resolution this month for simplicty and maybe just enjoy some blank spots in those days instead.


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Amy Clark

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