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MomAdvice Weekly Recap 05.23.08

Did anyone miss the Carnival of Modern Home Dwelling, hosted by Today’s Homemaker, this week? It was EXCELLENT and was a giant notebook of great things you could have fun doing. I was so excited to see a couple of my own posts included. My Retro Housewife Bunco post and our article, “The Benefits of Line Drying Your Clothes,” were both included. I also won a prize pack for the Eco-Fab category- whoohoo! Thanks to Today’s Homemaker for including us in her amazing carnival!

We are still struggling with technical problems on the forum and review site. We will let everyone know when we are able to get everything back up and rolling again. I apologize for all of the troubles and know that we are doing our best to restore everything to its former glory.

Featured Article:

Summer Survival- The summer season is here and along with it comes summer vacation for the school-aged kids. Moms are now responsible for coming up with the ideas and curriculum for their children and I am the first to admit that by the summer my creative juices have just about run out. How can you make summer another time of fun and enjoyment rather than boredom? And just how do you do this on a budget? There are lots of great things that you can do this summer and ways to keep organized when doing it…. Continue Reading

Blog Entries for Fun & Discussion:

Something Exciting is Happening -We are trying to complete our homework for starting kindergarten and this week Ethan got his teeth cleaned. Ethan’s teeth looked beautiful, but we discovered a special secret that his mouth had been keeping… Ethan has his first loose tooth. He was so excited to tell me that his tooth was loose and I told him that I had a special book that I had been saving just for this occasion. Hidden in the depths of my closet, I have had a special tooth fairy set that we could get out when this momentous occasion happened….. Continue Reading

Old School Baking Day- My sweet little bread machine kicked the can last week after two years of hard work in our family. I used my bread machine two to three times a week so it does a lot of work for us and I am missing it terribly. I got mine at a garage sale and I just can’t see paying for it retail, but my husband is insisting that we just buy one new this time. I don’t know though… I think I might check the thrift store a few times before buying one……Continue Reading

The Bad Side of Gardening- Our neighbors have the most beautiful yard on the block. The landscaping is impeccable and they are always working on their lawn. I can see them slaving away while I sit in my little lawn chair in my garage…which is why they have an amazing lawn and I have a so-so lawn…..Continue Reading

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Giving Away the Mother Load!

We hope to return to the land of the giveaways next week. We apologize for our technical difficulties!

Featured Recipe of the Week:

Old Fashioned Spaghetti & Meatballs (and how to eat it)

Play it Again, Momma!

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