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MomAdvice Weekly Recap 04.25.08

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Goodbye, Old Friend: Asking Jealousy to Leave- I pull into the parking lot and park my beat-up car between a Hummer & a Mercedes. I let out a sigh and turn behind me to find him sitting in the backseat between my two children. “You can leave now. You aren’t wanted here,” I say. He looks back at me, absently, dismissing my request with a blank smile….. Continue Reading

Blog Entries for Fun & Discussion:

How Our Garden Grows -Welcome to my little garden. After my earnest attempts last year, I realized that the place I had planted in was far too shady for any good growth. After much thought and careful consideration in my yard, I decided to plant our garden alongside our patio. It is a sunny location that is close to the house, so it will make it easier on me to maintain it and water it throughout the summer Continue Reading

At the Car Wash- Keeping little ones entertained during the summer doesn’t have to be a challenge. Check out our fun and crazy car wash that we did this week….Continue Reading

Earth Day Reflections- We had a great day together, celebrating Earth Day yesterday. To celebrate we spent the entire day outside and I made sure we had lots of stuff to do while we were out there. I gathered all of our supplies together and grabbed two water bottles for the kids to keep them hydrated while we were outside. Apparently, Ethan had been discussing Earth Day with his teachers because he looked at me and said, “That bottle is not a 7, right? 7’s are BAD and I can’t drink from them.”…Continue Reading

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Giving Away the Mother Load!

ParentsConnect is sponsoring a fabulous giveaway on our site. They are offering gift packs with a Nickelodeon umbrella, t-shirt, and a Barnyard Book for two of our lucky readers. To enter, please submit a comment HERE and tell us one of your best parenting tips. Entries are due by April 29th (Tuesday) at 8 PM Eastern Time. I am sorry but this contest is only open to US Residents (including PR and CAN).

It is time for another bloggy giveaway carnival and I am going take the plunge and participate again. Because I am oh-so-unoriginal and always think you shouldn’t mess with a good thing, I am sponsoring the same exact giveaway as I did last time.. $25 Starbucks Gift Card! The last contest was such a roaring success that I want to replicate that again. Yeah, I know…boring and unoriginal. To enter, please tell me one issue you struggle with when it comes to your family finances. I will use your questions as material for my site. It can be anything, anything at all. The more original the better. ENTER HERE BY 8PM TONIGHT!!

New Real Mom Reviews:

Todd English GreenPan

Phosphate-Free eco+ Dishwasher Detergent

Kraft 1/3 Less Fat Cream Cheese

Featured Recipe of the Week:

Vanilla Scented Granola

Forum Discussions:

What kind of things do you do for your children’s bedtime routines? Have you adapted them over time? About how long does the routine last? …Join the Discussion

Boo Hoo. I had to buy gas this morning and it’s 3.89 a gallon…the lowest price I could find here. I swear I almost had a panic attack when I saw the price… Join the Discussion

Play it Again, Momma!

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