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MomAdvice Weekly Recap: 03.20.08

I apologize that this was a slow week on the blogging for me. The printables, a cold, and a promotional event for Kenmore slowed down the factory a bit. I am hoping to take this weekend to get back on track and work on some other things too. I appreciate your patience and hope that you will check back next week for some more fun and discussion!

Featured Article:

Budget-Minded Easter Celebrations- Easter is one of the holidays where you just don’t need to spend a bundle to have a memorable celebration. Take a few hints from us and learn how to have a budget-minded Easter celebration, while celebrating the holiday in style… Continue Reading

Blog Entries for Fun & Discussion:

Incomplete Projects- We had a fun discussion going on The Grocery Game and my sewing lessons and I dropped the ball. I decided that neither activities, at this point, were worth the time and effort. Yup, I continue to be an Aldi shopper and a die-hard thrift sale shopper instead of making my own clothes or cutting coupons… Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning the Bathroom- We tackled our kitchens and now we are tackling another area in our home… our bathrooms! I also begin to question my own sanity on why in the world I thought doing this many printables was a good idea… Continue Reading

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Giving Away the Mother Load!

Another giveaway? Say it isn’t so? This time I am picking ten winners for an amazing prize from Duracell! Each winner will win a set of rechargeable batteries and a portable charger. Head over to The Mother Loot and enter today!! Be sure to read our review on their awesome product!

Featured Recipe of the Week:

Buttery Bread Machine Rolls

Forum Discussions:

My son’s crib must be an unusually large one because none of the crib sheets that are supposed to fit “standard sized” cribs fit his mattress. I have ripped many sheets trying to get them on. I tried buying twin sheets because I was desperate and but those are just too big. I can’t seem to find a sheet made for extra large crib mattresses. Any suggestions or advice on finding sheets that fit large cribs?… Join the Discussion

Hi ladies! What’s Easter day like at your house? What are your traditions? Do you have a special Easter dinner? Does the easter bunny come? Do you attend an Easter service?… Join the Discussion

Play it Again, Momma! (A Spring Cleaning Edition)

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Not enough of me yet?

WSBT: Easter on a Budget

Frugal Hacks: Does Your Thriftiness Impact Entertaining?

Blissfully Domestic: Old School Momma Declares War

Blissfully Domestic: Making Books Come to Life

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