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MomAdvice Weekly Recap: 03.07.08

It has been a busy week of blogging and lots of great new stuff. We have a new article up, a brand new giveaway, and lot of fun entries for discussion on the blog! Not enough talking? Be sure to visit our hopping forum to share more with women like you!

Featured Article:

Budget-Minded Easter Celebrations- Easter is one of the holidays where you just don’t need to spend a bundle to have a memorable celebration. Take a few hints from us and learn how to have a budget-minded Easter celebration, while celebrating the holiday in style… Continue Reading

Blog Entries for Fun & Discussion:

Old School Momma Declares War- I am bringing back some old school games and sharing the rules for playing War in this post. We also have a lively discussion going on what our favorite childhood games were …Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning Your Computer - It’s that time of year again for all of that fun spring cleaning. Have you been overlooking your computer in your annual cleaning checklist? Guest author, Nicole Conway (from the Geek Squad) joins us monthly to share computer tips and share her great advice…Continue Reading

Baby Steps: Being Frugally Fashionable- We continue our series with a fun discussion on how to stay fashionable without breaking the bank We begin the discussion with stores to shop at and are asking you where your favorite spot is to find great clothing and shoe deals… Continue Reading

Thank You Writers Strike Part II- I have started reading again and am sharing my reviews of some really great books I have read… and a few things I have watched. I am looking for your book recommendations and movie recommendations for this next month…Continue Reading

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Giving Away the Mother Load!

The Geek Squad is offering one lucky reader a gift card for $169 to be put towards the Geek Squad helping put in a wireless network in your home! How cool is that? To enter this giveaway, please leave us a comment by March 19th at 8PM on The Motherloot. In your comment, please share one thing you would like our new resident Tech Mom to cover about computers- ANYTHING you are struggling with understanding is fair game for discussion on future features… Enter To Win!

Featured Recipe of the Week:

Sloppy Joes & Oven Fries

Forum Discussions:

We have a garden every year… not big, but enough to eat tons and even can or freeze some. I enjoy it and nothing tastes as good as something you helped to grow! I save a ton of money in the summer and we eat fresh produce till we are going to bust! Are you going to have a garden? I always plan my menus with LOTS of fresh produce in the summer! YUMMY! I can’t wait… Join the Discussion

Do you use Angel Food Ministry? Do you like it? Do you pay up front or when you pick up? What are some of the bad things or down falls about it? Thanks for your help… Join the Discussion

Play it Again, Momma! (A Spring Cleaning Edition)

Did you miss these posts the first time around? Here they are for your reading pleasure!

Clean: The Cooktop

Booster Seat Cleaning Solution

Caring for Stainless Steel Appliances

Frugal Carpet Steaming

Cleaning Up Yo’ Grill

Not enough of me yet?

WSBT: Saving Money On Beauty Services

Frugal Hacks: Organizing Your Spring Cleaning Supplies

Blissfully Domestic: Bring Back Family Night

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