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Introducing the Aldi Queen Blog

We have been hard at work over here and finally have our new Aldi blog up and rolling. Please share it with your friends and loved ones! I hope that some of my faithful blogging friends could share this information in their corner of the bloggy world. It would mean a lot to me if everyone could spread the word about this new addition. I really hope that it is beneficial to many families!

On our new blog, I will be posting recipes utilizing ingredients that can be purchased at Aldi Supermarket. If you do not have an Aldi Supermarket, you can still prepare all of the recipes just purchase them at your own local grocery store.

Each day I will try to post a recipe for all of you! The blog is set up like a cookbook- main dishes, appetizers, chicken, pork, beef, pasta, snacks, etc.. As I add new recipes, new categories will be added too. This should make finding a dish for dinner easier!

I will be including some pictures too of the things we eat. I am no food photographer, but I will do my best to make things look presentable.

I hope you enjoy the addition to the site. If you have a recipe that you would like to share, please just email it to me at [email protected].

Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm about what I am doing. I don’t know what I would do without all of you!

Please note, if you hover the categories above, you will see that Blog has now been made plural and you can choose which of my two (for now!) blogs you are interested in reading.
Any suggestions are always welcome!


Amy Allen Clark
“the Aldi Queen”

Published February 25, 2007 by:

Amy Clark

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