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Inspiring Moms: Kallie Wegmann from Discover Chiropractic

We are so excited to get to share an interview with Dr. Kallie Wegmann who is both a chiropractor AND a very busy mom.

As someone who has benefited greatly from chiropractic care, I was curious to see what Dr. Wegmann would recommend for mothers and how we can care for ourselves in a frugal way. I hope you will enjoy this interview as much as we enjoy sharing about health & wellness for moms.

1. Can you tell me a little bit about your business and why you chose chiropractic care as your field?

Discover Chiropractic was founded in 2004 by Drs. Michael and Kallie Wegmann. The clinic is a wellness clinic that promotes healthy living, lifestyle recommendations and preventative care by the means of spinal and nutritional health. We encourage participation from our patients, teaching the importance of spinal health from infants to senior citizens and healthy living; including eating healthy, staying active, and stress management.

We both chose chiropractic for very similar reasons, making a difference in someone’s life. Having the ability to share our knowledge with others is very rewarding, seeing results from our care, most rewarding. Having the ability to possibly prevent a painful surgery, or teaching a young mother the importance of spinal health in her children are just a couple of rewarding things we do.

Sometimes we laugh about who is more rewarded, the patients that had the great results, or us feeling blessed for providing those results. One the of most unique enjoyments about our profession is having the ability to make a relationship with our patients. They become like family in our office. We communicate with our patients and give them the opportunity to be a person, not just a patient.

2. What would you recommend for supplements/vitamins that could help a mom with her overall health & energy level?

The health and well being of a mother is important to the entire family. Most families rely heavily on the mother figure in the household, and if she is out of commission, the family is out of commission.

The absolute best thing mothers could focus on from a supplement standpoint is quality multi-vitamins and quality essential fatty acids (known as fish oils). The Standard American Diet is high in omega-6’s which is now linked to inflammation. Inflammation is linked to asthma, auto-immune diseases, heart disease and even cancer. The fish oil is high in omega-3’s which counteracts the inflammation. If you are having problems figuring out what supplements are good you can always ask for more information (leave comments below).

3. What are some frugal ideas that could help with a mom’s physical health?

The best frugal idea that could help for physical health would be some free weights (also known as dumbbells) and a large (65cm) exercise ball. Both could be found at Wal-Mart, Craigslist, or the local paper for a very reasonable price. This form of exercise targets the abdominal and core muscles of the torso mainly, but can also become a full body workout. Physical exercise such as working on the ball can burn calories if it’s hard to get to the gym or do cardio exercises with the kids running around. The key is to stay consistent and focused. Life is easier when you’re healthy.

I have found it easier to stick to a routine if I write it down the night before. Make exercise a priority!!

4. If your health insurance does not cover natural forms of care, what are some ways that moms can explore these routes and maybe do it a little less expensively? Are there alternative programs out there that a mom could sign up for? Do some doctor’s offer assistance for chiropractic care?

Great question and very fitting for today’s economic struggles! Never, and I’ll say it again, NEVER, visit a professional regarding your health, based solely upon expense. First find the right chiropractor for you; if you’re bringing your kids in to get check look for a kid’s room.

Second, don’t be ashamed and embarrassed about discussing your financial situation. Like us, many chiropractic offices will help accommodate your financial situation. If not, are you really sure that they care about YOUR health, or what is in your wallet.

For moms who work or have husbands that work ask your employer or insurance agent about flexible spending accounts or HSA (Health Savings Accounts). Many times theses accounts are pre-taxed dollars to be used for medical expenses. HSA’s can save a family about 33% off of the price of care. Not bad for asking a few questions.

5. What credentials should you look for when choosing a chiropractor? Is there a national list where moms can search for a chiropractor in their area?

When choosing a chiropractor look for a Board Certified Chiropractor. The best resource for seeking out a chiropractor is word-of-mouth; don’t forget to ask if the doctor is comfortable with kids. There currently is not a national list to search for chiropractors. There are some good websites like and Visit the office ask for a tour and consult; most important ask questions. The chiropractor that you want to see is someone that is willing to give you explanations for what he/she does how they do it and what to expect. Find someone who you are comfortable with.

Kallie Wegmann is a full time stay at home mother of two and part time practicing doctor. In addition to her carting kids around, seeing patients and running an office she keeps busy with the Children’s Ministry at church. Kallie is an avid runner and ardent horse lover. When not in the house or at the office she can be found in the barn; either cleaning, stacking hay, or riding horses.

We would love if you could leave a comment and thank Kallie for her time. Please feel free to chime in on the discussion and share ways that you care for yourself whether it be through chiropractic care, a vitamin or supplement routine, or how you manage to squeeze in a little exercise!

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