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Hi, My Name is Aldi Queen

Any fan of our website,, knows that I am obsessed with Aldi Supermarket. My site contains menu planners and information on the store and I never expected the response that we received from these planners. We received thousands and thousands of hits a month searching for this type of information. It was one of those times were I felt like I hit a nail square on the head and I was actually onto something.

The menu planners were very extensive though and took forever to post. There had to be an easier way than posting twenty pages of planners on our site. That is when I came up with the idea to create an online cookbook where you could actually glimpse into the kitchen of an Aldi chef. A cook who prefers the goodness of homecooked foods, but understands the necessity for a budget in a single income family.

Unlike my other blog, The Motherload, I will not be sharing any tips in this dose of bloggy goodness. This will simply be recipes and nutritional information on dishes you can throw together for your family utilizing only Aldi ingredients. I make my disclaimer now that I am not a professional chef or a professional food photographer. If the recipes do not appeal to you, please don’t voice criticism and just hold out for a recipe that will work well for your family.

The only ingredients that I am including that may not be available at Aldi is yeast and basic dried seasonings. Yeast will be an essential part of cooking and can be picked up at any store (most affordably at your warehouse store). While yeast is available around the holiday season at Aldi, it is not available year-round, thus you may need to purchase that one at another store. Dried herbs will be included, as I feel most cooks have those already within their pantry.

I hope that you will enjoy this as much as our other blog. I am excited to be sharing all of my recipes with you!

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Amy Clark

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