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Giving Away the Mother Load: Black Heritage Trivia Game

I would like to offer you another great giveaway sponsored through the Pressman Toy Company. In this giveaway we will be offering a copy of “The Black Heritage Trivia Game.”

Here is a blurb about the game from the company:

In honor of Black History Month, and throughout the year, encourage your readers to share the heroic stories of Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Oprah Winfrey and other African Americans with their children by playing GEEBEE’s Black Heritage Series games and puzzles together.

GEEBEE Marketing, Inc., the only U.S. toy manufacturer dedicated to creating African American themed games and puzzles, has developed the Black History Series that strives to make learning about Black history in America fun for children of many ages. They have proven to be popular with teachers as well as parents and make great additions to the classroom and the toy box.

This year, GEEBEE is excited to include its games and puzzles in Wal-Mart’s February Black History Month promotions at stores nationwide. They can also be found online at Pressman Toys website and at other online sites, book stores and retailers.

The Black Heritage Trivia Game is intended for children that are ten years to adult and is retailed at $19.99. This game will test your knowledge of the history, cultural experiences, scientific accomplishments and major contributions made by African Americans from 1619 until today! Get the answers right and make your way into the inner circle. But be careful, your opponent is trying to send you back to the start! Be ready for hours of enlightening entertainment.

Who wouldn’t love another great game to add to their collection?

Rules for Entry: Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite family board game is! I will draw the winner at random. You can enter until 8 PM Friday (02/08). The winner will be announced on Saturday. Good luck to everyone!

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Amy Clark

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